Open Letter to Marin Theatre Company and to Our National Theater Community

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We, a community of African American/Black diasporic theater artists of varying cultural backgrounds, religions, sexual and gender identities, worldviews and artistic aesthetics, believe the theater industry has a responsibility to create work that does not do damage to the communities it attempts to represent on stage.

We are united in our belief that, from its very inception, Marin Theatre Company’s (MTC) current production of Thomas Bradshaw’s Thomas and Sally is an irresponsible, deeply harmful project with no accountability to black women and girls. As black artists, and as black women, we are all too familiar with our histories and our narratives being imagined through the gaze of white supremacist patriarchy. We take issue with producing organizations whose choices perpetuate the notion that we are a voiceless, powerless group, incapable of understanding how we are being represented. We take issue with the dismissal of our concerns and the erasure of our country’s violent history.

We will engage in a facilitated meeting with MTC on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. The goals of this meeting are to foster a constructive dialogue between MTC and the community, and to find a way forward that ensures both advocacy for future artists who work with the organization and the ability of MTC to present culturally diverse works in a responsible manner.

Throughout both the developmental workshops of Thomas and Sally and auditions for the production, MTC disregarded the concerns of multiple black women actors regarding the play’s hyper-sexualization of black girls and women and its reframing of the coercive master/slave relationship between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson as a “love affair.” Several of these actors ultimately declined roles due to not only their initial concerns over the script but also due to the dismissive response both by the theater and Mr. Bradshaw.

MTC exacerbated these concerns through their marketing of the play. Artwork for the show depicted Sally Hemings as a grown woman, as seductive and in control of her circumstances. After promising to withdraw the image in response to community outcry, MTC continued to use the artwork on their playbills and education resource guide.

Over the course of the performances which are still running, MTC has consistently responded to community questions or expressions of pain with either flippant or gas-lighting remarks on social media and worse, with silence.

Further, in response to peaceful protest ritual for Sally Hemings by Regina’s Door, a local group mixed with survivors of sex trafficking and artists, MTC called the police. Additionally, during these peaceful actions, MTC’s security staff verbally taunted and harassed protesters who have primarily been Black women.

Finally, MTC has extended this play without regard to any feedback they have received. We strongly condemn the choice of MTC to extend this production and question the motivations behind it.

About the Play:
Cultural productions in theater and mass media directly contribute to the sexual violence against women. In lieu of an extended lesson on rape, consent and rape culture here are specific examples with which we take issue:
1)The publicity and marketing of Thomas and Sally consistently positions it as a piece that “doesn’t attempt to answer the question” between the dual sides being represented. The two sides being the camp that argues that the enslaved body has no consent or agency or the camp that argues love is complicated and that this is a love story. We disagree with this assessment. As much as Bradshaw and MTC deny this piece does not “take a side” this is a reframing of this story as a love story. It ends with a ring being offered and a love declaration from both parties. We can look to the many published critical reviews of the play to see exactly what meaning Thomas & Sally audiences are taking away from the work. (bolded lines are ours):
2)There is a moment in the play where Hemings and a friend run away from the Jefferson house in France. They are accosted on the street by a drunk Frenchman who tries to rape Sally. This moment is set up in the play as the REAL definition of rape and violence. It argues that all the other action happening in the play isn’t rape or nonconsensual/coercive violence. This subterfuge is a horrific attempt to erase the day to day violent circumstance of the slave.

What this Means:
In their refusal to respond and in their attempts to silence and erase the community response and our history, we are being told black women are not smart enough to understand our own history. We are being told we are overly sensitive, that we do not understand the theatrical form, and that we have somehow missed the message. As such, using the told and untold traumatic experiences of black women to weave a status-quo/rape culture narrative that completely erases the violence perpetrated against our ancestors and portraying these survivors as willing accomplices/lovers/concubines/mistresses (who asked for and enjoyed the trauma inflicted upon them) is extremely irresponsible, harmful and ultimately an act of violence in itself.

When we put anything on stage we amplify it, we preserve its legacy. Therefore there is a responsibility to be accountable and crystal clear as to whether we are spotlighting fiction or fact. Thomas & Sally makes no attempts other than a flimsy framing device to ensure that the audience understands it as a “kind of fiction.” The atrocities of slavery are still under suspicion by many white people. To allow people to leave the theater thinking that “slavery wasn’t that bad” (an argument often used by white supremacists) is completely irresponsible and is the definition of insensitivity toward a marginalized community.

Call to Action:
We call upon Marin Theatre Company to hold themselves accountable to their geographical and national theatrical community and adopt the following action items as the first steps to address the harm they have caused:

1) Apologize. Publicly acknowledge the mistakes you have made and their effect on our community. We request this apology be posted on all the public outlets through which you marketed the play (company website, social media etc.). In addition, we ask that you send this apology along with corrective information about consent, rape, and the sexual violence endured by enslaved Black girls and women to every patron and school group who has seen Thomas & Sally and for which you have contact information.

2) Interrogate and change your methods and processes of commissioning, developing, and producing culturally diverse work. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Commit to centering the voices and vision of marginalized people in your season selection process, developmental workshops and productions, particularly those projects that attempt to explore our experiences and historical narratives. Those working either on stage or behind the scenes should demonstrate an understanding of key social issues affecting those characters and/or subjects, including discrimination, democratic participation, criminal justice, historical oppression, and other issues of racial and economic justice, intersectionality, and equity.
  • Hire artists of color for the positions of power in the room from the inception of the work. Understand that actors, assistant directors, and interns are not always positions of power and positions such as co-director, diversity specialist, and dramaturg are positions of power only if they are allowed to be.

3) Interrogate and change your methods and processes of hiring and training staff. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Require all MTC staff and board members to undergo mandatory training in intimate partner violence, rape prevention, and sexual safety/consent.
  • Require all MTC staff and board members to undergo mandatory equity, diversity, and inclusion training.

4) Develop and release an institutional policy committing to non-carceral (not involving the state or policing) strategies for dealing with any conflict involving community members who statistically face elevated levels of police violence (e.g. Black folks, indigenous folks, trans* and gender nonconforming folks, disabled and mentally ill folks, etc.).

5) Provide thoughtful support and safety networks for any out-of-town artists you hire. This might include connecting them with local artists of color or providing counseling when the production’s subject matter could cause trauma. Educate your patrons and local community about the presence of these actors and appropriate ways to behave with both local and visiting artists of color.
6) Recognize and acknowledge that the work of facilitating critical communication about the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability is emotional intellectual and spiritual labor. As such, create a salaried position such as a Cultural Advisor to be involved at the beginning of a project such as this in generating dialogue, agreements, and responsible communication between artists, affected and involved communities, and the potential audience.
7) We ask MTC to publicly release an accountability plan including a preliminary timeline for the execution of the above action items as well as any other steps of redress they plan to take.

Call to Action for our National Theatre Community:
While prompted by recent events, this letter and our requests are a response to many years of watching our stories be misrepresented, censored, appropriated, and exploited. People of color across the country continue to face these issues and we recognize our allied communities in this intersectional struggle for equity and representation on stage, particularly when these representations have real world consequences.

This open letter serves not just as a recommendation for MTC but for other theater companies large and small moving forward. If MTC or any theater company across the nation wishes to create diverse works of art by telling Black or POC narratives, they must take responsibility for the messages they are promoting. Any theater institution across the nation who doesn’t have the resources to develop a piece by a person any systemically marginalized artist, should deeply consider whether continuing with the production is responsible.

Given the power of narrative and story to impact our nation’s decisions around juvenile and adult incarceration, police violence, continued violence against women and children and high rates of black women in human trafficking, we believe the stakes are too high for us to allow this to go on unchecked. We ask MTC to hold themselves accountable and we ask our national community to do the same.

You may sign in solidarity here:  ADD YOUR NAME
We also invite you to engage directly with us by email. 

Kathleen Antonia, Actor and Lawyer – Oakland, CA
Tierra Allen, Actor – Theatermaker and Teaching Artist – Oakland, CA
Ryan Austin- Actor/Activist – Oakland, CA
Velina Brown, Actor and Teaching Artist – San Francisco, CA
Tracy Camp, Actor, Laney College Mathematics Instructor – Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Carter, Actor, Director and Teaching Artist – Oakland, CA
Britney (Brit) Frazier, Actor/Director/Playwright/Educator – Oakland, CA
Safiya Fredericks, Actor – Oakland, CA
Margo Hall, Actor and Director – Oakland, CA
Cathleen Riddley, Actor – San Anselmo (Marin County, CA
Lisa Marie Rollins, Director/Writer, Resident Artist – Oakland, CA
Dezi Soley, Actor and Dancer – Oakland, CA
Lauren Spencer, Actor and Teaching Artist – San Francisco, CA

Together with:

Lauren Gunderson, Playwright – San Francisco, CA
Dominique Morisseau, Playwright, Activist, North Hollywood, CA
Mfoniso Udofia, Playwright, New York, NY
Nambi E. Kelley, Playwright actress supporter of MTC and this coalition of brave artists, New York
Liz Duffy Adams, Playwright, New York, NY
Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Actor/Playwright, Brooklyn, NY
Christina Anderson, Playwright, Providence, RI
Marisela Treviño Orta, Playwright, Iowa City, IA
Tearrance Chisholm, Playwright, New York, New York
Amy Mueller, Artistic Director, Oakland CA
Patrick Dooley, Artistic Director Shotgun Players, Berkeley CA
Jon Tracy, Artistic Facilitator, T1, Berkeley, CA
Marcus Gardley, Black Bay Area Writer/Educator, Los Angeles, CA
Michael Socrates Moran, Executive Director/Co-Artistic Director, Ubuntu Theater Project, Oakland, CA
Liz Sklar, Actor, Educator & Ally – San Francisco, CA
Torange Yeghiazarian, Founding Artistic Director, Golden Thread Productions, SF
Steven Anthony Jones, Actor & Director – Pinole, CA
Aaron Loeb, Playwright, Santa Monica, CA
S.H.A.D.E Organization, Emeryville, CA
Arwen Anderson, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Adam Magill, Actor. Oakland, CA
Tristan Cunningham, Actor, Oakland CA
Evren Odcikin, Director, adapter, and producer, San Francisco, CA
Gwen Loeb, Actor, Singer, Director – Berkeley, CA
Sango Tajima, Actor currently employed by MTC – Oakland, CA
Jennifer Heyneman Sousae, Theater patron and Grants manager – San Francisco, CA
Megan Trout, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Dawn L. Troupe, Actor/Director/Educator/Writer/Artist, NYC, NY
Antoinette Nwandu, playwright, New York, NY
A.J. Muhammad, Producer, The Fire This Time Festival, New York, NY
Robert Parsons, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Susannah Martin, Director, Theatre Educator, Theatre Maker Oakland, CA
LeeAnn Dowd, Director/Theatermaker, Cal Shakes Artistic Coordinator – Berkeley, CA
Jewelle Gomez, Playwright, San Francisco, CA
Min Kahng, Playwright/Composer – Alameda, CA
Lila Rose Kaplan, Playwright – Cambridge
Jessica Kitchens, Actor, Writer, Educator, Alameda, CA
Jennifer Vo Le , Actor, Director, Writer – San Leandro, CA
Stephanie Prentice, Actor, Musician, Teaching Artist – Bay Area, CA
Carl Lumbly, Actor – Kentfield , CA
Stacy Ross, Actor, El Cerrito Ca
Rod Gnapp, Actor, San Francisco, CA
El Beh,Theatre, Artist, Performer, Musician & Educator – San Francisco, CA
Allison Heishman, Artistic Director, Simpatico Theatre; Artistic Assoc. Azuka Theatre;Educator,Philadelphia, PA
Catherine Castellanos, Actor, Educator, Activist, Mentor, San Francisco, CA
David Winitsky, Director, Philadelphia, PA
Jaisey Bates, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Clarvoe, Playwright, Berkeley, CA
Martha Brigham, Actor, Richmond, CA
Tlaloc Rivas, Assistant Professor of Theatre, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Omoze Ijeoma Idehenre, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Rafael Jordan, Actor, Director & Filmmaker – New York NY
Dena Martinez, Actress – Fair Oaks , CA
Rebecca Novick, Director, Berkeley, CA
Anna Shneiderman, Executive Director, Ragged Wing Ensemble & The Flight Deck, Oakland, CA
Lauren Bloom Hanover, Actor, Educator, Associate Artistic Director – Profile Theatre, Portland, OR
Sarah Moser, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Carol Lashof, Playwright – Berkeley, CA
Mia Tagano, Actor, Voice Coach & Teaching Artist – Belmont, CA
Darren Canady, Playwright – Lawrence, KS
Paul Flores, Playwright, San Francisco, CA
Lauren English, Casting Director & Theatre Artist – San Francisco, CA
Rinabeth Apostol, Actor/Educator – Emeryville, CA
Leontyne Mbele-Mbong, Actress, Oakland, CA
Jeanette Harrison, Artistic Director, AlterTheater Ensemble – San Rafael, CA
Halili Knox, Actor San Francisco, CA
MJ Kaufman, Playwright – Brooklyn, NY
Clive Worsley, Actor & Director of Artistic Learning Calshakes- Oakland CA
Ely Orquiza, Actor | Teaching Artist – San Francisco, CA
Kathryn Zdan, Actor, Writer – Emeryville, CA
Maryssa Wanlass, Actor/Director/Educator – Emeryville, CA
Christine Keating, Playwright, Director, MTC Patron – Oakland, CA
Ana-Sofia Meneses, Costume Designer – New York
Rachele Ekstrand, Stage Manager – Anaheim, CA
Nicole Apostol Bruno, Actor – Santa Clara, CA
Laura Karlin, Artistic Director – Los Angeles, CA
Miranda Waldron, Designer – Albany CA
Caroline Strange, Actor – New York, NY
Gianna DiGregorio, Rivera, Actor & Musician – San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Mendenhall, Actor – Hyattsville MD
Sarah McKinley, Owner, The Pocket Theater LLCSeattle -WA
Ash Bell, Theatre Educator – Boston, MA
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Writer & Communications – Orlando FL and Los Angeles CA
Nicole Jost, Playwright and Educator – San Francisco, CA
Theresa J. Beckhusenwriter, Saint Paul – MN
Celina Polanco, Writer/actor – NYC, NY
Melissa Thompson, Professor of Performing Arts – Farmington, Maine
Shana Gozansky, Director Watertown – MA
L Castro, Actor – woman – believer in truthful representation – Huntington Beach, CA
Heather May, Director, Artistic Director of Mosaic NY – Theatre Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges – Geneva, NY
Alison Plott, Actor and Teaching Artist – Chicago, IL
Valerie Weak, Actor, Teaching Artist, Gender Parity Advocate – San Francisco, CA
Rosalind Faires, Director – Austin, Texas
Leigh Rondon-Davis, Actor and Arts Administrator – Oakland, CA
Indiia Willmott, Actor/Teaching Artist – Austin TX
Susan ShayActor, Theatremaker – San Francisco, CA
Annamarie MacLeod, Performing Artist – Los Gatos, CA
Freddy Jesse Izaguirre Merlos, Business Professional & Writer/Activist – San Francisco, CA
Ilana Stuelpner, Performer/director – Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth Spreen, Playwright/Theatermaker – Bay Area, CA
Rebecca Castelli, Actor and Teaching Artist – El Cerrito, CA
Nara Dahlbacka, Director & Playwright – Alameda, CA
Christopher Sauceda, Theater Student & Composer Berkeley – California
Tania Johnson, Music Director/Educator – Alameda, CA
Vatsala Kumar, Dancer and Theater Patron – Chicago, IL
Ashley Smiley, Theatre Practitioner – Vallejo, CA
Elena Wright, Actor, Teacher – OAKLAND, CA
Wolfgang Wachalovsky, Designer and Production Manager – Oakland, CA
Laksmi Lagares, Theater Patron – El Sobrante CA
Megan Fevurly, Theatre Fundraiser & Patron – Denver, CO
Elyse Dawson, Theatre Artist and Administrator – Chicago, IL
Leah Ramillano, Scenic Designer – Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Nigro, Graphic Artist – Berkeley, CA
Arianna Berg, Health and wellness coach – Los Angeles, CA
Sarah McKenney, Technician – Ashland, Oregon
Danielle Ozymandias, Director – Houston, TX
Haley Bart, Technician & Patron – San Jose, CA
Brenna Ross, Producer – Brooklyn, NY
Annmarie Martin, Actor – Santa Clara, CA
Tiffany Antone, Playwright, Producer, and Teaching Artist – Magnolia, AR
Patricia Milton, Playwright – Walnut Creek, CA
Tiffany Cothran, Producer – Piedmont, CA
Mina Morita, Artistic Director and Student of the Human Condition – Oakland, CA
Bethany Herron, Managing Director – Oakland, CA
Emily Harvey, Director, Producer, Associate Artistic Director at Theater Schmeater- Seattle, WA
Sarah Guerra, Program Director – Oakland, CA
Amanda Spaanstra, Costume Technician – Newark, DE
Kate McDermott, Actor – Sacramento, CA
Shannon Davis, Director, Actor, Educator – Albany Ca
Tamadhur Al-Aqeel, Playwright – Los Angeles, CA
Nicole Harley, Actor – Oakland, CA
Daniel Olson, Actor – Oakland, CA
Carolyn Gage, Playwright, anti-racism activist – Southwest Harbor, ME
Elizabeth Stasio, Stage Manager & Theatre-goer – Seattle, WA
Amy Sidwell, Teacher/Director – Portland, OR
Maren Comendant Actor – Seattle, WA
Hannah Daly, Actor – Portland, ME
Rena Lourie, Stage Manager – Richmond, California
Eileen Garcia, Associate Properties Director, DCPA Denver – Colorado
Jennie Brick, Actor – Oakland, CA
Caitlin Frances, Actor/Director – Seattle Washington
Marnina Wirtschafter, Actor – Los Angeles
Barb Lhota, Playwright – Chicago, Il
Dana Lynn Formby, Playwright – Chicago IL
Miyuki Bierlein, Costume Designer/Theatre Artist – Berkeley, CA
Alexandra Berch, Technician Woodside, – New York
Kyle Merryman, Theatre-maker and Social Scientist – Moraga, California
Armando McClain, Actor – San Leandro, CA
Shalee Mae Coleman, Director – St. Paul, MN
Thais Littleton, Actor/ Activist/ Youth Development Worker – San Francisco
Kelli Crump, Actor & Teaching Artist – AEA & SAG/AFTRA – Detroit, MI
Maggie Koch, Production Manager – San Francisco, CA
Shae Burnette, Playwright and Electrician – El Cerrito, California
Genevieve Jessee, Playwright /Actor, San Bruno
Jenny Seidelman, Playwright – Chicago, IL
Roberta D’Alois, Playwright, Director, Adjunct Professor, San Francisco CA
Juan Amador, Actor/Artist – San Francisco, CA
Jeannie Lee, Student Clinician, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine – Emeryville, CA
Kristen Scatto, Playwright and Producer – Philadelphia, PA
Lindsey Porter , Actor – Seattle, WA
Samantha Holsworth, Designer, director, performer, educator – Seattle, WA
Indigo Jackson, Actor, Creator – Oakland, CA
Tammy Smith, Teacher – Honolulu, HI
Bayla Travis, Playwright, Director – Oakland CA
Jasmine Joshua, Artistic Director of Reboot Theatre Company – Seattle, WA
Sibilla Carini, Costume Designer – San Francisco, CA
Sheila M. Devitt, Actress/ Herbalist/ Educator – San Francisco, CA
Eimer Murphy , Props – Dublin, Ireland
Manna Cleo, Theatre Patron – Louisville, KY
Dana DeRuyck, Actor, Theatremaker – Los Angeles, CA
Jenna May Cass, Director, Teacher, Text & Dialect Coach, Actor – Brooklyn, NY
Michele Bechard, Actor – Chico, CA
Amy Langer, Performer & Writer – Berkeley, CA
Emily Testa, Actor – Seattle, WA
Amanda Lee, Actor/Playwright/Dramaturg at Spare Stage – SF, CA
Dionne, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Caitie, Actor – Seattle WA
Rebecca Thorogood, Costume Technician – Boston, MA
Catherine Buxton, Theater Maker – Portland, ME
Kat Cordes, Actor and Voice Coach – Houston TX
Danielle Doyle Iwane, Actor – Emeryville, CA
David Jacobs, Actor, Writer, Goofball – Brooklyn, NY
Khalia Davis, Actor, Director, Teaching Artist – New York, New York
Abigail Getty, Actor, Teacher, Theatre Patron – New York, NY
Jovelyn D. Richards, Teaching Artist/Writer/Performer – Oakland, CA
Regina Morones, Actor, Singer, & Teaching Artists – Oakland, CA
ShawnJ West, Actor, Director, POC – Oakland, CA
E.L. Hohn, Designer and Dramaturg – Austin
Alyson Mead, Playwright – New York, NY
Tracy Liz Miller, Theatre Maker – Phoenix, AZ
Bivett Brackett, Concerned citizen – SAN FRANCISCO
Madeline Fair, Actor/Writer/Producer/Designer/Director – Los Angeles, CA
Melinda Marks , Actor/director/playwright – San Jose, CA
Isabel To, Actor – San Jose, CA
Morgan LeClaire, Actor and Drama Therapist in training – Daly City, CA
Lizz Elvira, Actor/Fight Director/Educator – Beacon, NY
Michael Austin, Community Member – Oakland, CA
Loren Sterling, Theatre patron – Gold Canyon, AZ
Tamra Mathias, Actor, Teaching Artist – Ashland, OR
Libby Stone, Carpenter – New Haven Connecticut
Amy Mihyang Ginther, Theatre Maker and Professor, UCSC – Santa Cruz, CA
Livia Gomes Demarchi, Actor, CA
Jacqueline Kappes, Drama Therapist, Alameda, California
Michaela Stewart, Theater Educator, Chicago, IL
Tioni Collins, Director and a Teaching Artist, Silver Spring, MD
Sarah Pak, Costume Technician, Boston, MA
Melissa Martinez, Teache, rWalnut Creek CA
Angela Wright, Co-artistic director of Open Space Arts, Baltimore, Maryland
Sofia Ahmad, Actor, Teaching Artist, Oakland, CA
Kim Rankin, Music Director, Alameda, CA
Tammy Chang, Theater Patron, Berkeley, CA
Rebecca Clayton, Dresser, Anaheim, CA
Amy Nowak, Actor, Oakland, CA
Carly Bodnar, Director/Teaching Artist/Co-Artistic Director ReVamp Collective, Philadelphia, Pa
Mariah Castle, Theatre-maker and educator, Oakland, California
Cara Hazzard, Actor, Seattle, WA
Shannon Wade,Teaching Artist,Portland, ME
Tony Kelly, Director, San Francisco, CA
Jeff Arnold, Patron and supporter,Petaluma
Franzesca Mayer, Wardrobe Specialist, Ashland, OR
Jocelyn Morton, Actor North Babylon, New York
Tiffany Antone Playwright, Producer, and Teaching Artis, tMagnolia, AR
Christine Pascual,Costume Designer, Chicago IL
Dante Olivia Smith, Lighting Designer, Brooklyn, NY
Dan’Nelle Emerson, Actor/Singer, Oakland, CA
Jake Arky, Playwright, Actor, Teacher, Oakland, CA
Regina Evans Modern Day Abolitionist and Business Owner (Regina’s Door), Oakland, Ca
Brady Lea, Performer, Playwright, Theatre educator, San Francisco, CA
Leona Schrader-Dee, Wardrobe technician, Alameda, CA
Sarah Mitchell, Actor, Berkeley CA
Rosana Francescato, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Michelle Diaz, Actor, Teacher, Delray Beach, FL
Ayelet Schrek, Director, Playwright, Teacher, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Roberts, Playwright, Producer ReproRights! TheaterVallejo, CA
Nina Ramosn/a, San Francisco, CA
Marie Hopkins, Theater Patron, Cincinnati, Ohio
Joe Clark, Theatre Patron, Brighton, United Kingdom
Debbie Fier, Musician, Musical Educator, Piano Tuner, Oakland, CA
Esther Mira, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Christian Cagigal, Actor, Solo Performer, Theatermaker, Daly City, Ca
Meghan Doyle, Costume Designer, Denver, CO
Emma Levine, Writer/Director/Actor/Student, Oakland, CA (hometown); New York, NY (current city)
Sarah Winsor, Actor, Brooklyn, NY
Maya Linke, Scenic Designer, Denver, Colorado
Veronika Duerr, Actor, Lowell, MA
Ajeya Hernandez, Actor, Director, Theater Patron, Student, San Francisco, CA
Lauren MackActor, Filmmaker, MTC Teen Conservatory Participant, Sunnyside, NY
Corinne Rydman, Actor, San Leandro, CA
Katie Holmes, Scenic Painter, Oakland, CA
Mark Vashro, Actor/Producer, Emeryville, CA
Joyce Davis, Theater Patron, Actor, DramaMama, Santa Clara, CA
Addie Ulrey, Theatermaker, Oakland, CA
Jeff Berlin, Designer, Petaluma CA
Jenna Woods, Stage Manager, Guttenberg, NJ
Gabriella Mingoia, Producer/Community Member, Oakland, CA
Esther Mira, Actor/Dancer/Singer, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Black, Choreographer, San Francisco, CA
Shannon Stockwell,Stage Manager, Concord, CA
Judy Young, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Amy Williams, Actor, New York, NY
Corinna Donnerberg, Theater Patron, Redmond, WA
Laylah Muran de Assereto, Playwright, Director, Producer / AD — Spare StageConcord, CA
Tim Catlett, Production Manager, The Flea Theater, New York, NY
Katherine Patk, Actor, Alameda, CA
Erin Carr, Theatre Practitioner, Cincinnati, OH
Wyndi Kappes, Journalist and Theater Patron, Atlanta, GA
Nicole Thordsen, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Greg MacKellan Director, Artistic Director, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA (former Bay Area resident)
Hilary Buffum, Actor, Theatre Student, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Little, Director/Theatre Activist, North Bergen, NJ
Meredith Magoun, Lecturer, Costume Design & Technology,Ellensburg, WA
Sara Gmitter, Playwright, Santa Fe, NM
Shandra BP-Weeks,Theater Patron,Detroit,MI
Maika Clarke,Theater Patron, San Jose
Amber West, Writer, Educator, Producer Los Angeles, Ca
Lia Kozatch, Arts Advocate Clark, Colorado
Miko Lee, Theatre Artist, Berkeley, CA
Emily Serdahl, Actor/Teacher, El Cerrito, CA
Laura K Smith, Director, Chicago, IL
Victoria Lehmanex, Theater Student, Eugene OR
Ivette Deltoro,Actor/Casting Assistant,San Jose, CA
Jeffie Khalsa, Teacher, Berkeley, CA
Hawina Falcon, Community Process Facilitator & Mediator, Louisa, VA
Will Lowry, Designer, Emmaus, PA
Rasha Mohamed, Actor, San Francisco
Evelyn Jean Pine, Playwright, Performer, Educator, San Francisco, CA 94110
Wayne Lee, Actor and Educator San Francisco, CA
Jacqueline E. Lawton, Playwright, Dramaturg, Producer, Scholar and Advocate for Access, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the American Theatre, Chapel Hill, NC
Isabel, Actor, San Francisco, California
Logan Prather, Citizen, Los Angeles, CA
Erika Fontana, Actor, Brooklyn, New York
Stacy Levin, Actor, Director, Playwright, San Jose, CA
Jeunée Simon, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Roman Rimer, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Ellen Sebastian Chang, Director Educator, Alameda CA
Emily Ludlow, Actor and Teaching Artist/Educator, San Francisco, CA
Maisha Moses, Educator, Cambridge, MA
Megan Kilian-Uttam, Actor (AEA), audience member, marketer, and mother, San Francisco, CA
Jacqueline Thompson, Supporter, San Francisco, CA
Melynda Kiring, Playrwright, Vallejo, CA.
Emlyn Guiney, Actor, Director, Producer, Oakland, CA
Alexis Lazear, Theater Artist, Oakland CA
Cecilia Palmtag, Theater Artist, San Francisco, CA
Francesca Myman,Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Jane Ahrens, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Kelly Rafferty, Ph.D.Playwright, Actor, Educator, Oakland, CA
Sarah McKereghan, Actor, Playwright, Director, EducatorFairfax, CA
Mila Gergova, Theater Patron, mom to an aspiring young actress, San Francisco, CA
Rosalind Hurwitz, Actor, Chicago, Illinois
Wendy Belden, Playwrigh, tOakland, CA
Deborah Black, Actor, Theater Patron, Martinez, CA
Dee Lab, Actor, Writer, Activist, New York, NY
Elise Ray, Humanities Professor, Tallahassee, Florida
Jackie Saporito, Actor, Boston, MA
Julie Baum, Theater Patron, San Francisco, CA
Laylah Muran de Assereto, Playwright, Director, Producer & AD (Spare Stage), Concord, CA
Jake Arky, Playwright, Actor & Teacher, Oakland, CA
Finn Ware, Actor, Director & Producer, San Francisco, CA
Sarah Canizzaro, Marin community member/ Wishing for a better Marin – San Rafael , CA
Kari McCullough, Performer & Improv Theater Administrator – El Cerrito, CA
Emily Butterfly, Puppeteer & Children’s Edutainer – Oakland, CA
Carolyn Gage, Theater Student & Designer – San Francsico, CA
Loring Pfeiffer, Theater Patron – San Francisco, CA
Joy Lian Alferness, Humanitarian – San Francisco, CA
Noelle ViñasPlaywright, Producer, Educator & Theater-Maker – San Francisco, CA
Matthew Tiemstra, Actor, Playwright & Teacher – Oakland, CA
Sarah Young, Director – San Francisco CA
Anna Maria Luera, Actor & Youth Worker – Alameda, CA
Michael Hays, Actor, Musician & Theatre Patron – San Francisco, CA
Hannah Cordero Chen,Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Amber Allen, Theater Patron – Mill Valley, CA
Arianna Aarons-Sawi, Theater Patron & Former Master Electrician – Sunnyvale, CA
Mitchell Jakubka, Lighting Designer & Technician – Livermore, CA
Alice LyArts, Administrator – San Jose, CA
Jeanie Smith, Director & Reviewer, Sonoma, CA
Donatella Galella, Theatre Educator & Historian – Riverside, CA
Laura Diamondstone,Theater Patron – Boonville, CA
Ariella Wolfe, Theatre Administrator & Theatrical Collaborator – Los Angeles, CA
Jim Felton, Actor & Theater Patron – Los Angeles, CA
Jodi Kingsley, Actor & Ally – Chicago, IL
Aja Singletary, Actor – Sharon Hill, PA
Jenniffer J Thusing, AEA Stage manager – Chicago, IL
Marcia Wilbur, Theater Patron – Mesick, MI
Alicia Lundgren, Broadway Dancer & Actor – New York, NY
Jessica Fern Hunt, Director, Actor, Producer, and Managing Artistic Director of The Fern Shakespeare Company – Seattle, WA
Lauren Brennan, Costume Designer & Technician – Morgantown, WV
K Wilson, Technician & Educator – Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Herceg, Actor – Chicago, IL
Sara Robinson, Actor, Curator & Operations Director – Chicago, IL
Jin You, Actor & Sociologist – Naperville, IL
Masha Tsimring, Designer – New York City, NY
Julia Marostica, Student – New York, NY
Rachel Rauscher, Scenic Designer, Chicago, IL
Keely Brown, Technician & Patron, Orlando, FL
Kate Austin-Groen, Actor, Singer & Director, Fort Collins, CO
Megan O’Brien,Technician, Hartford, CT
Rachel Davis, Front of House, New York, NY
Kristie Larson, Actor, New York, NY
Vanessa Ramos- Theater Professional (Administrator and Manager)
María Ascensión Leigh, Actor – San Francisco, CA
Deanna Zibello, Scenic Designer & Educator – Lafayette, CA
Alexaendrai Bond, Actress – Oakland, CA
Sierra Berry, Actor & Theater Student – Olathe, KS
James Wagner, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Eliza Leoni, Associate Artistic Director at Ray of Light Theatre – San Francisco, CA
Devon LaBelle, Prop Shop Coordinator at SFSU – Richmond, CA
LaKeidrick Wimberly, Actor – Antioch, CA
Heather Kelly-Laws, Writer and Stage manager – Oakland, CA
Ena Dallas,Theatre Director of Oak Tech Rep & Drama Teacher at Oakland Technical High School – Oakland, CA
Elana Isaacs, Performer, Director & Anti-Oppression Trainer – Oakland, CA
Joan Raymond, Costume Technician – San Francisco CA
Spencer Howard, Playwright – Los Angeles, CA
Crystal Why, Performer & Human – San Francisco, CA
Joan Raymond, Costume Technician – San Francisco, CA
Jessa Brie Moreno, Theatre Artist, Educator & Co-Founder White Educators for Racial Justice – East Bay, CA
Amy Marie Haven, Director – Oakland, CA
Raia Small, Theater Patron – Mill Valley, CA
Colin Epstein, Dancer, Actor & Circus Artist – Oakland, CA
Charlie Levin, Founder and Creator of The One Truthiness – Oakland, CA
Angela Arnold, Soprano, Library Supervisor, Parent – El Cerrito, CA
Pennell Chapin, Actor – Corte Madera, CA
Tomas Roman, Actor, Producer – San Francisco, CA
Lagerquist, Theatre Educator – San Francisco, CA
Ruth Kaiset, Teacher – Orinda, CA
Jessica Smith, Singer and Actor – Pleasanton, CA
Norman Gee,Theater Artist – Oakland CA
Maggie F Wilson, Playwright & Theatre Marketer – San Francisco, CA
Sara Moore, Actor, Director, Playwright & Educator – San Francisco, CA
Krista White, Actor – Pleasanton, CA
Annie Waterman, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Katja Rivera, Actor & Director – Berkeley, CA
Noelle Harrison, Patron Services – San Francisco, CA
Paul Loper, Actor & Creative Facilitator – San Francisco, CA
Jessie Dykstra, Theater Patron & Board Member – Oakland, CA
Alexis Wong, Actor, Producer & Playwright – San Francisco, CA
Kathreen Khavari, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Lisa Drostova, Actor, Writer & Director – Oakland, CA
Jack Nicolaus, Actor & Educator – Berkeley, CA
Bill Meyer, Teacher – Fairfax, CA
Rakeem Richard, Actor – Berkeley, CA
Tara Ayres, Actor & Director – Richmond, CA
Emily Butterfly, Puppeteer/Children’s Edutainer – Oakland, CA
JanLee Marshall, Artistic Director at B8 Theatre Co – Concord, CA
Nathaniel Justiniano, Artistic Director at Naked Empire Bouffon Company – San Francisco, CA
Gabriela Alemán, Writer & Community Organizer – San Francisco, CA
Harold Hardin, Actor – Pleasant Hill, CA
Rina Weisman, Theatre Patron – San Francisco, CA
Jasmine Williams, Actor – Hayward, CA
Danielle Thys, Actor, Writer, Activist & AEA Member – Oakland, CA
Michael Mohammed, Professor at SF Conservatory of Music, Doctoral candidate at Columbia University, Teacher’s College/Director, Choreographer & Performer – San Francisco, CA
Katherine Craig, Theatre Student – Palo Alto, CA
Mia Tagano, Actor, Voice & Acting Coach – Belmont, CA
Gloria Montgomery, Actor – Eureka, CA
Combiz Saleh, Concerned Citizen – San Jose, CA
Mary Huber Graham, Theater Patron – Santa Rosa, CA
David Sinaiko, Actor, Theater Artist, & Educator – Fairfax, CA
Jocelyn Shratter, Dramaturg – Santa Cruz, CA
Anne Convery, Writer & Theater Patron – Santa Rosa, CA
Becque Olson, Singer, Actress & Photographer – McKinleyville, CA
Nancy D. Owen, Choreographer – Los Angeles, CA
Ariella Irula, Actor & Educator – Los Angeles, CA
Nicole Royster, Actor – Long Beach, CA
Adalgiza Chemountd, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Melelani Satsuma, Actor, Director & Theater Artist – Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Wicklas, Actor – North Hollywood, CA
Mark Hein,Theater Artist – Los Angeles CA
Constance Strickland, Actor, Creative Director at Theatre Roscius, Playwright & Theatre Patron – Los Angeles, CA
Dana Cordelia Morgan, Actor & Theatre Patron – Santa Clara, CA
Diana Burbano, Playwright – Long Beach, CA
Tiffany Vega-Gibson, Producer – New Orleans, LA
Susannah Woods, Director – Seattle, WA
Monet Marshall, Actor, Producer, Playwright & Co-Director of MOJOAA Performing Arts Company – Durham, NC
Emily Purington, Director & Arts Educator – Seattle, WA
Calum Bedborough, Actor – Louisville, KY
Elissa Goetschius, Director – New York, NY
Anu Yadav, Writer & Performer – Washington, DC
Allyson Harkey, Actor, Director & Creator – Hyattsville, MD
Latoya Cameron, Actor – Salt Lake City, UT
Janice Jenson, Producing Director – Salt Lake City, UT
Lisa Mack, Actor – Las Vegas, NV
Rachel Harding, Associate Professor – Denver, CO
Jessie Baldinger, Scenic Designer – Chicago, IL
Emma H., Stage Manager – Las Vegas, NV
Shawna James, Actor, Director, Student & Arts Leader – Boston, MA
Barbara Zahora, Actor, Director & Teacher – Naperville, IL
Brianne Duncan Fiore, Actor, Voiceover Artist & Director – Chicago, IL
Jennifer Bridy, Professor & Crowded Fire Board member. San Francisco , CA
Josh Fesmire, Former Touring Actor, Denver, CO
Allison Hargrove, Actor, Stage Manager, San Francisco, CA
Lucy, Actor, Director, Chicago
Stephen Pawley, Actor/Activist, San Francisco, CA
Alexandra Gray, Writer/ Performer, Brooklyn, NY
Madeleine, Actor, Brooklyn NY
Gina Femia, Playwright, Brooklyn, NY
Jackie Scherer, Theater Patron & Musician, Oakland, CA
Maryanne Olson, Dramaturg, Brooklyn, NY
Aaron L McKinney, Producer/Arts Manager, Brooklyn, NY
Chanel Bragg, Actress, director, producer, Teaching Artist, Arizona
Catherine Luedtke, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Virginia Reed, Director, Educator, Albion, CA
Kimberly Marable, Actor, New York, NU
Daphne Dorman, Engineer. Actress. Author. Advocate. Activist. Ally. Amazon.San Francisco CA USA
Tessanella DeFrisco, Costume Technician, San Francisco, CA
Dylan (Tess) Canales, San Francisco CA
Christine Ferriter, Lighting Designer, Los Angeles, CA
Lara Caprini, Stage Manager, Chicago, IL
Ginger Lazarus, Playwright, Melrose, MA
Michele Apriña Leavy, Actor, Dancer, Teaching Artist,Continuing Lecturer UC Davis, Dept.of Theater and Dance, Oakland, CA
Emily Gregory, Playwright and Director, Burlingame, CA
Kevin Cunz, Director, San Francisco, CA.
Brian Rashap, Theater Patron, Santa Rosa, CA
Carolina Morones Actor, Teaching Artists, Audience Development Ashland,OR
Orion Stephanie, JohnstoneDirector/Composer/Music Supervisor, Brooklyn, NY
Alec Mathieson, Actor, New York, NY
Andrea Love, Actor, Singer, Teaching Artist, Writer,Oakland, CA
Rowan Brooks, Actor, Oakland, CA
Ben Knoll, Actor, Richmond, CA
Shavanna Calder, Actor, Editor in Chief, NYC, NY
Jasmin Hoo, Educator/Artist/Activist, Oakland, CA
Janet Lowry, Patron, Hanover, Indiana
Eric Marlin, Playwright, New York, NY
Etta Devine, Actor, Writer, Director, Los Angeles, CA
Jaclyn Biskup, Artistic Director, The Mill, New York, New York
Kate Austin-Groen, Actor, Singer, Director Fort Collins, CO
Michael Locher, Theater Designer, San Leandro, CA
Holly Goldstein, Director and Stage Manager, Brooklyn, NY
Heidi Van, Producing Artistic Director, Fishtank Theatre, Kansas City, Mo
Eleasha Gamble, Actress, Woodside, NY
Lisa Wentz, Voice, Speech and Accent Coach, San Francisco CA
Sara Witsch, Technician and Sound Artist, San Francisco, CA
Cynthia McPherson, Theater Patron, El Cerrito, CA
Marisa Cleveland, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Sarah Wahl, Teacher, Cambridge, MA
Madison Linville, Theater Patron, New York, NY
Stephen Muterspaugh, Actor, Director, Teaching Artist, San Leandro, CA
Renae Miller, Theater Patron, Peoria
Katie Furuyama, Theatregoer/ Concerned Citizen, Oakland, CA
Jose Lizarraga, Education Scholar, San Leandro, CA
Brett Tubbs, Actor, New York, NY
Thúy H. Nguyen, Small Business Owner, San Francisco, CA
Courtney Payne, Pinole, CA
Vera Sloan, Artist and Organizer, Artistic Director Emeritus Silicon Valley Shakespeare San José, CA
Alexa Pagonas,Talent Manager, Sebastopol, CA
Isaac Miller, Patron, Playwright, New York
Ann Johnson, Children’s Theatre Administration, Langley, WA
Travis Bedard, Actor, Producer, Teaching Artist, St. Paul, MN
Zen Ross, Patron, Oakland, CA
Stephanie Wilborn, Community Coordinator, A.C.T, Concord, CA
SA Smythe, Writer, Long Beach, California
Colette Robert, Director and Writer, New York, NY
Mando Alvarado, Playwright…Human Being, Los Angeles, CA
Brenda Smith, Feminist, Nassau Bahamas
Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Director, Boston, MA
Shani B. Actor, Brooklyn, NY
Nedra McClyde, Acto, rBrooklyn, NY
Jessica Rhoades, Theater Patron, Camden ME
Antonia Gunnarson, Costume Designer,Santa Barbara, CA
Alex Beach, Production Assistant, Los Angeles, California
Dianne Yvette, Actor, San Diego, CA
A’raelle Flynn-Bolden, Actor, Director, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
Calandra Hackney, Union Representative, New York NY
Khalil Anthony Peebles, Artist, Oakland, CA
Halia Roth, Actor and Theater Student. Martinez, CA
Nick Ishimaru, Artistic Director, Theatre of Yugen, San Francisco, CA
Emma Couling, Director, Moderator, Nonprofit Administrator (Social Services) Chicago, IL
Colleen Nielsen, Stage Manager, Seattle, WA
Bear Bellinger, Actor, Chicago, IL
Isabelle Spike, Playwright/Director/TheaterMakerEdgerton, WI
Susan, Theater Patron and Playwright Ito
Godhuli Bose, High School English Teacher, Oakland, CA
Anna, Access Coordinator/Performer, Chimera Ensemble
Bebe La Grua, Literary Manager/Casting Associate, San Francisco, CA
William Thomas Berk, Playwright- Portland, OR
Allison Bloechl, Theatre Artist – Baltimore, MD
Stephanie Anne Johnson, Lighting Designer & Theatre Worker – Berkeley, CA
Brian James Polak, Playwright – Chicago, IL
Christian D. Smith, Engineer – San Francisco, CA
Mari Dreamwalker, Artist & Activist – Oakland,CA
Sara James, Actor – San Francisco, CA
Sean Fenton, Actor & Board Member – Oakland, CA
Jessica Raaum Foster, AEA member & NeuroPractitioner – New York, NY
Sara Betnel, Theatre Artist & Board Member – Shoreline, WA
David A. Young, Stage Manager & Designer – Petaluma, CA
Bailey Crowder, Actor – San Francisco, CA
Sara Judge, Producer, Director & Theater Artist – San Francisco, CA
Caitlyn Louchard, Theater Artist – Oakland, CA
Lauren Jost, Director, Brooklyn, NY
Ivy Ryan, Actor & Theatre Educator – Boston, MA
Giselle Waters, Content Strategist & Marketer – Portland, OR
Paula Sheard, Actor – Rockaway Park, CA
Rena Rivkles, Founding Chairperson National Women’s apolitical Caucus, Alameda County – Oakland CA
Adriana Martin, Theater Patron – San Jose CA
Elisa Della-Piana, Theater Patron – Berkeley, CA
Lauren Villegas, Founder at Project Am I Right – NY, NY
Will Poulin, Lighting Designer – Santa Barbara CA
Russell G. Jones, Actor, Director & Collaborator – New York, NY
Rainier Pearl-Styles, Teaching Artist & Director – San Francisco, CA
Isabelle McCalla, Actor – New York, NY
Emily Rose, Labor Organizer – Oakland, CA
Cris Eggers, Theater Patron – Santa Rosa CA
Mindy Lym, Theatre Educator & Performer – San Francisco, CA
Tiffany Mason, Theater Patron – Virginia Beach, VA
Jericha Senyak, Arts Finance Consultant – Fairfax, CA
Catherine Pennington, Writer – Oakland, CA
Kennedy Wright Golden, Retired Stage Manager & Educator – Hayward, CA
Alison Wilbur, Theater Patron – Seattle WA
Keith Josef Adkins, Playwright & Artistic Director – Los Angeles, CA
Joshua Hernandez, House Manager & Producer – Bronx, NY
Lindsay Krumbein, Director – Alameda, CA
Caitlyn Halvorsen, Theatre Student – New Paltz, NY
Ann Hopkins, Actor – El Cerrito, CA
Bilal Dardai, Actor and Playwright – Chicago, IL
Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko, Playwright – Richmond, CA
Jessica KoActor, Currently at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival – Ashland, OR
Brianna Sloane, Theatre Artist – Sunderland, MA
Lisa Lacy, Actor, Director, Playwright, & Theatre Company Exec. Director – Sacramento, CA
Adam Bloodworth, ESL Instructor – Szeged, HU
Megan Wicks, Actor, Singer & Theatrical Marketing Manager – San Francisco, CA
Dr. Monique LeSarre, Executive Director – San Francisco, CA
Carly Ozard, Entertainer – New York, NY
Kendra,Theatremaker, Storyteller, Voice Coach, Performer & Human – Chicago, IL
Mollie McLeod, Theatre Patron – San Jose, CA
Nicole Brown, Theater Patron – Toronto, ON
Karen Palmer, Concerned Citizen – Los Angeles, CA
Marlene Yarosh, Actor, Creator & Theater Patron – Berkeley – CA
Patricia Mullan, Jazz Musician, Librarian & Theatre Patron – Berkeley, CA
Miriam Isler, Theater Patron – Albany, CA
Sarah Sloan, Actor/Singer – Dublin, CA
Ian Dunn, Actor – New York, NY
Kenan Ince, Professor – Salt Lake City, UT
RKeeble, Qal’bu Maryam Women’s Mosque – Oakland, CA
Meredith Young, Actor – Littleton, CO
Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda, PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley – Tokyo, Japan
Marissa Keltie, Actor, Director, Teacher & Theatre Patron – San Leandro, CA
Ayana D. Ivery, Visual Artist and Designer – Oakland, CA
Samantha Houston, Theater Lover – Dallas, Texas
Caitlin Partridge, Actor, Literary Director & Dramaturg – Washington, DC
Jennifer Dean, Former Theatre Producer & Current Filmmaker – El Cerritos, CA
Alison Luterman, Playwright – Oakland, CA
Leslie Woodhouse, Adjunct Professor of History – San Francisco, CA
Casey Wright, Dramaturg & Literary Manager – Chicago, IL
Hayley Spivey, Dramaturg – Boston, MA
mollie boice, Actor & Director – Santa Rosa, CA
Latanya Ivey, Writer – La Verne, CA
Jessica Ju, Theater Administration & Patron – Monterey Park, CA
Amy Buckler, Artistic Associate, Square Product Theatre; Board Member, 20% Theatre Company – Boulder, CO
Zuri Washington, Actor – New York City, NY
May Liang, Director, Theater Maker & Activist – Oakland, CA
Kana Hatakeyama, Actor – Brooklyn, NY
Ryan Whitlock, Actor – Rohnert Park, CA
Michelle Mearlette-Hernandez – Santa Clarita, CA
Dara Aronson, Patron – Pulaski, NY
Holly van Gulden, Theatre Patron – Minneapolis, MN
Annie Donahey, Actor (born and raised in the Bay Area) – New York, NY
ChristinaTheater, Patron & Playwright – San Diego, CA
Patricia Duff, Actor – Clinton, WA
Lane Arye, Therapist, Conflict Facilitator & White Guy – Woodacre, CA
Marisa Kennedy, Actor – New York, NY
Jon St. Peter, Social Worker/Psychotherapist – Camden, ME
Jacinta Kaumbulu, Actor – Oakland, CA
Debra Temple, Musician & Retired Engineer – San Leandro, CA
Jennifer Henkle, Theater Patron – Lexington, KY
Matt Park, Theater Musician – New York, NY
Danielle Citlali Valdivieso, Actor, Musician & Creator – Oakland, CA
Jesse Vaughn, Actor & Musician – Oakland, CA
Maddy Low, Actor & Costume Craftsperson – Chicago, IL
Katherine Nowacki, Costume Designer – San Francisco, CA
Kyra Jones, Actor & Sexual Violence Educator at Northwestern University – Chicago, IL
Laroilyn Davis, Truth Teller – Oakland, CA
Ellen Dolores, Former Marin County Resident (who thinks the county is mostly white and mostly racist) – Santa Rosa, CA
Aubrey Ball, Actor – Brooklyn, NY
Justin Gillman, Actor – San Francisco, CA
Deja Morgan, Actor & Theater Student – Austin, TX
Marianne Evans-Lombe, Artist – Tulsa, OK
Christina Novakov-Ritchey, Dramaturg & PhD Student – Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA
Diana Stahl, Playwright & Patron – Brooklyn, NY
Carey Myslewski, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Mary Hill, Performer & Patron – San Francisco, CA
Aly Whitmore, Actor – Crofton, MD
Freddy Padilla, Dramaturg – New York, NY
Carlos Aguirre, Actor, Musician, Director & Teaching Artist – San Francisco, CA
Laurie Lynch, Theatre Artist – Tacoma, WA
Kim Harmon, Performance Artist & Educator and Former Teacher with MTC – Brooklyn, NY
Nicoll Foland, Singer, Teacher & Nonprofit Arts Consultant – San Francisco, CA
Paul Whitehouse, Theatre Patron – San Francisco, CA
Courtney Moreno, Theater Patron – San Francisco, CA
Katie Lindsay, Director, Playwright & Producer – Brooklyn, NY
AJ Baker, Playwright – San Francisco, CA
Gabriella Green, Actor & Student – Chicago, IL
Julie Douglas, Actor-Creator & Teaching Artist – Alameda, CA
Kelsey Olesen, Theater Viewer – San Diego, CA
Jennifer Bridy, Professor & Crowded Fire Board member – San Francisco , CA
Aja Banks, Theater Patron – Los Angeles, CA
Kecia Lewis, Actor – West Hempstead, NY
Tarah Fleming, Educator, Facilitator & Activist at STARTDIALOG.COM – San Rafael, CA
Tosca Minotto, Actor & Writer – Pasadena, CA
Stephanie DeMott, Actor, Devisor & Collabortor – Oakland, CA
Joy Thompson-Edison, Anti-trafficking (CSEC) Activist – Oakland, CA
Eliza Washington, Deeply Concerned & Disgusted Marinite – Stinson Beach, CA
Aundria Brown, Actress & Dreamer – New York, NY
Silvia Mazzone-Clementi, Theater Patron – Eureka, CA
Xenia St Charles, Artivist/CSEC Abolitionist/Businesswoman – Oakland, CA
Chelsea DeBaise, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Alex Miller, Theater Patron – Berkeley, CA
Katie Cravens, Theater Patron & Wardrobe – Chicago, IL
Erin Mei-Ling Stuart, Actor & Creator – San Francisco, CA
Tiffany Wilhelm, Theatre Patron & Activist – Pittsburgh, PA
Marcelo Furquim, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Rebecca McCarthh, Lighting Designer – Astoria, NY
Kenya Hall, Actor & Playwright (Oakland Native) – Chicago, IL
Denara Watson, Teacher – Chicago, IL
Dan Olson, Writer & Activist – Oakland, CA
Mariko Conner, Theater Patron – Berkeley, CA
Olivia Rosaldo, Actor – Oakland, CA
Joshua Signore, Wesleyan Student – Bristol, CT
Olivia Lilley, Playwright & Director – Chicago, IL
Laurie StrawnActress/Mom/WifeSan Francisco, CA
Jesselito Bie, Artistic Director – San Francisco CA
Mary Porter, Theater Patron – Johns Creek, GA
Molly O’Brien, Actor & Storyteller – Bay Area, CA and New York, NY
Brandi Riley, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Diane Avallone, Human – Port Jervis, NY
Lauren Mateo, Artist, Organizer & Community Healer – Oakland, CA
Yolanda Jackson, Theater Patron – Baltimore MD
Wendy Soneson, Artist – Oakland, CA
Dustin Bell, Producing Artistic Director – Jamaica Plain, MA
Lawrence Bennett, Production Manager – Baltimore, MD
Sam Walsh, Writer – San Francisco, CA
Kimberly Slusser, Audio Technician – Orlando, FL
Rachel Satterfield, Theater Patron – Oakland CA
Coreen Kopper, Attorney – Oakland, CA
Katherine Goldman, Actor & Theatre Educator – Boston, MA
Chris Tse, Actor, Choreographer & Sound Engineer – New York NY
Bonnie Bain, Theater Patron – Boston, MA
Kroydell Galima, Actor – Chicago, IL
Jessika Wagner, Theatre Patron – Mill Valley, CA
Mariah Landers, Teacher – Oakland, CA
Nina Haft, Choreographer & Artistic Director – Oakland, CA
Rebecca Pingree,Actor,Berkeley, CA
Kristin Avila, Theatre Performer & Educator – Concord, CA
Brandy Danaki, Theater Major – Woodbury, MN
Windy Borman, Producer and Director at DVA Productions – Denver, CO
courtney daniels, Actor – NY
Sharan Dhanoa, Human Trafficking Advocate/Activist – Berkeley, CA
Rory Beckett, Actor – Chicago, IL
Michael Dates, Wig, Hair, Makeup Designer – Providence, RI
Bri Flowers, Playwright – Portland, OR
Teddy Spencer, Actor – Concord, CA
Maurice Demus, Actor – Chicago, IL
Emma Lee, Writer – San Rafael, CA
Alicia Swiz, Performing Artist – Chicago IL
Caitlin Gaspar, Playwright – New York City, NY
Robin Toller, Theater Patron – Toronto, ON
Eunice Nuval, Teacher at Downtown High School – San Francisco, CA
Hansford Prince, Actor/Writer/Producer – Los Angeles, CA
Linda Landeros, Actor – Los Angeles, CA
Learkana Chong, Theater Patron – San Leandro, CA
Alisha Ehrlich, Actor & Audience Member – El Cerrito, CA
Gabriella Momah, Actor & Doula – San Francisco, CA
Jamie Legaspi, Playwright & Actor – Alameda, CA
Coral Martin, Dancer – Berkeley, CA
Elizabeth Vega, Co-founder at Those Women Productions – Oakland, CA
Tara Falk, Actor/Teaching Artist – Denver, CO
Maria Cora, Vocalist – San Lorenzo, CA
ruth wplk, Interdisciplinary Artist – Putney, VT
Traci Tolmaire, Dancer, Actor, Singer & Choreographer – New York, NY
Keely Brennan, Actor – Chicago, IL
Laura Jane Bailey, Theater Maker – San Carlos, CA
Tanya Vlach, Artist – San Francisco, CA
Hannah Dworkin, Director, Choreographer, Teaching Artist & Professor – Richmond, CA
N’Tasha Anders, Actor – Bronx, NY
Bekka Rosenbaum, Concerned Citizen – Oakland, CA
Kirsten Brandt, Interdisciplinary Artist & Educator – Santa Cruz, CA
Jawanza Barial-Lumumba, Non-Profit Leader & Theater Patron/Creative Writer – Oakland, CA
Kimberly Balmorez, Student – Pinole, CA
Yeye Luisah Teish, Actor, Director & Playwright – Oakland, CA
Sonia Mistry, Film Critic & Theater Patron – Albany, CA
Fenner, Actor – Oakland, CA
Jack Horwitch, Lighting Technician – Chicago, IL
kristen colling, Actor, Director & Parent – Phoenix, AZ
Lessa Bouchard, Founder at Archive Mixed Media – Palo Alto, CA
Paul Canales, Chef/Restauranteur – Oakland CA
Nancy Carlin, Actor, Director & Teacher – Berkeley, CA
Michelle Capobres, Theater Patron & Educator – Oakland, CA
Max Reuben, Playwright – Brooklyn, NY
Ruth Villasenor, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Cheri Miller, Actor/Activist – Menlo Park, CA
Leyla Eraslan, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Susan Spain, Actor – New York, NY
Tanya Telson, Stage Manager – Berkeley, CA
Ariel Nereson, Professor – Buffalo NY
Eny Calvert, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Christine Young, Director & Theater Educator – San Francisco, CA
Kelly Jean Hammond, Actor – Ashland, OR
Jihan Killikelly, Actor – Brooklyn, NY
Montel Nord, Actor – San Francisco, CA
Kehinde Koyejo, Actor – Oakland, CA
Amy Duffuor, Student – San Francisco, CA
Erin Quinlan, Playwright/Composer – NYC, NY
Kirsten Thomas, Patron – Richmond, CA
Jeremy Forbing, Former Bay Area Actor, Director, & Playwright – Los Angeles CA
Heather Hurd, Theater Patron – Tampa, FL
Amina Harper, Theater Patron – Minneapolis, MN
Dr Meighen Katz, Historian – Oakland, CA
Kaja Dunn, Theatre Professor, Actor Director & Activist – Charlotte, NC
Crystal Gethers, Supporter of the Arts – New York, NY
Jane Elliott, Theatre Professor & Artist – Astoria, NY
Peter Royston, AEA Stage Manager – New york, NY
Amie Dowling, Director & Choreographer – San Francisco, CA
Christina Hughes, Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies Student – Aurora, CO
Christopher Hughes, Activist & Artist – Aurora, CO
Sarita Ocón, Theatre Artist, Community Activist & Producer – Oakland, CA
Courtney McGowan, Actor & Teaching Artist – New York, NY
Alison Vasquez, Director & Playwright – San Antonio, TX
Robyn Levinson, Theater Patron & Community member – Oakland, CA
Gail Williams, Artist, Teacher & Iya l’Orisha – San Francisco, CA
Marika Casteel, Actor – Bay Area, CA
Casey Jane, Actor – Kansas City, MO
Logan Campbell, Librettist, Educator & Theater Patron – San Leandro, CA
Alley Wilde, Managing Director – San Francisco, CA
Amy Cranch, Writer/Editor, Dance/Theater Artist – Berkeley, CA
Sabrina Klein, Arts Learning Educator – Oakland, CA
Marta Keller, Educator & Mother – Oakland CA
Deborah Parker, Theater Patron – San Pedro, CA
Jacqueline Springfield, Actor & Arts Educator – New York, NY
Nola Brantley-Harris, Social Entrepreneur – San Pedro, CA
Cessalee Stovall, Actor & Owner of Music Dance Theatre Workshops – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Steven Hess, Actor, Director & Educator – San Francisco, CA
Tanisha Woodson-Shelby, Woman – Chicago, IL
Adenrele Ojo, Actor – Los Angeles, CS
Sue Diehl, Theater Patron – Richmond, CA
Adam Driscoll, Theater Patron – Dansville, NY
Amy Carpenter, Theater Patron – Grand Rapids, MI
Clara Luu, Theater Patron & Creative Professional – Mountain View, CA
Rahsaan Chisolm, Patron – Brooklyn, NY
Levi Gray, Playwright – Wilmington, DE
Carlye Pollack, Actor – Chicago IL
Brian Dolinar, Program Director at Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center – Urbana, Illinois
Sam Laffey, Patron – Pittsburgh, PA
Louis Campbell, Retired Teacher – Chicago, IL
Antu Yacob, Actor – Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Hsia, Writer/Artist – Oakland, CA
Rachel Kochhar, Audience – Mill Valley, CA
Michelle Luu, Someone who watches theatre – San Jose, CA
Kaitlin Kitzrow, Arts Administrator – New York, NY
Cait Robinson, Director – Cincinnati, OH
Nadjia Anderson, Theater Patron – Miramar FL
Paul Cello, Theatre Director & Organization Development Consultant – San Francisco, CA
Kate Sumser, Theater Patron – San Rafael, CA
Sophia Davis, Social Worker – Chicago, IL
Skylar Evans, Director, Actor & Light Designer – Santa Rosa, CA
Rachel GrossmanEnsemble Director at Dog & Pony DCWashington, DC
Charles Manzano, Theater Student – Martinez, Ca
Renita James, Actor – Atlanta, GA
Sol Crespo, Theater Artist – Bronx, NY
Arlene Eisen, Writer & Patron – San Francisco, CA
Lavina Jadhwani, Director – Chicago, IL
Steve Snider, Board Member at The Flight Deck – Oakland, CA
Samantha Scharlach, Theatre Patron – San Ramon, CA
Luis Eduardo Mora, Actor, Educator & Activist – New York, NY
Michael Jones, Producer/Playwright – New York, NY
Shauntrel Dorsey, Concerned Citizen – Mobile, AL
Theo Allyn, Actor – Chicago, IL
Anna Smith, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Dianne Jenett, Educator & Theater Patron – Palo Alto, CA
Les Higashi, Father, Grandfather, Abolitionist, and Christ follower – Benicia, CA
Ina Adele Ray, Film Director, Educator & Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Donna Acquavella, Actor/Director – Ithaca, NY
Amelian Kashiro Hamilton, Wardrobe Stylist – NV
Victorie, Actress, Director – Oakland, CA
Iris Esprit, Entrepreneur – Desoto, TX
Qiana Moore, Communication Graduate Student – Stockton, CA
Richard Waits, Actor, Writer, Producer & Activist – New York, NY
Alyssa Ramos, Director, Actor, & Facilitator – Chicago, IL
Elena Berman, Community Member – Oakland, CA
Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores, Actor – Madison, CA
Donna Aarons, Theater Patron – Tucaon, AZ
Elyse Shafarman, Alexander Technique Teacher – San Francisco, CA
Lorraine Ressegger-Slone, Company Member at Dog & Pony DC – Washington, DC
Melissa Colon, Theater Patron – Emeryville, CA
Vivian Rodriguez, Theater Lover – Philadelphia, PA
Solange Echeverria, Patron – San Rafael, CA
Robin Cloud, Writer/Director – Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Shere, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
ashara ekundayo, Curator – Oakland, CA
Marcia Zorrilla Theater PatronSan Francisco CA
Jack Schmitt, Actor – Cleveland, OH
Maria Frangos, Educator/Dramaturg/Actor – Bay Area, CA
Rebecca Kelly-Golfman, Facilitator, Attorney, Creative Advocacy Consultant & Artist – Brooklyn, NY
Dara Zandanel, MTC subscriber – San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Raviv, Anti-racism Organizer & Theater Patron – San Francisco, CA
Dane Torbenson, Actor, Fight Choreographer & Theater Patron – Denver, CO
Tiana Mack, Marriage & Family Therapist Intern – Santa Clara, CA
Milissa Carey, Actor, Director & Teacher – San Francisco, CA
Radhika Aggarwal, Actor & Theatre Maker – London, UK
Julie Silas, Theater Patron – Oakland, CA
Todd Matthews, Artist – Berkeley, CA
Anuj Vaidya, Student – Davis, CA
Tommy Shepherd, Actor, Playwright, Composer, Performer & Sound design – Alameda CA
Ogie Zulueta, Actor – Millbrae, CA
Justin Smith, Musician, Artist & Educator – Oakland, CA
Aaryanna Gariss, Dramaturg – Chicago, IL
Connie Dennis, Theater Patron – Atlanta GA
Kyle Boatwright, Actor – Amherst, MA
Heidi K Rettig, Arts Consultant, Denver, CO
Stephanie Henderson, Production Manager, Berkeley, CA
Marc Krizack, Theater Patron, Berkeley, CA
Melyssa Jo Kelly, Theatre Patron, San Francisco, CA
Lealani Manuta, Theatre Educator, San Francisco, CA
Joyce Dalton Henson, Concerned Citizen, Apopka, FL
Devi Peacock, Executive Director, Peacock Rebellion, Oakland, CA
Cari Trease, Theater Patron, Alameda, CA
Becca Khalil Actor, Director, Poet, Maker, Philadelphia, PA
Kaili Turner, Actor, Writer, Producer, Educator, Brooklyn, NY
Anna Massey, Choreographer, San Diego, CA
Jamila Cobham, Production Manager, California Shakespeare Theater, Richmond CA
Virginia Reed, Director, Educator, Albion, CA
Beli Sullivan, Actor, Oakland, CA
Emily Peterson,  Community member and theater patron, Oakland, CA
Jay Shepherd, Arts Educator/Nonprofit Administrator, Seattle, WA
Devra Polack, Theater Patron, Portland, OR
Melissa Momboisse, Actor, Pleasanton, CA
Belinda Sullivan, Actor, Oakland, CA
Mary Ann Rodgers, Actor, Director, Patron, San Anselmo, CA
Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, Director, San Diego, CA
David Churchill, Writer, Director, Actor, Langley, WA
Maggie Manzano, Stage Manager, San Francisco, CA
Elise Stone, Artistic Director, Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, NYC New York, NY
Carole Real, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
Eryn Hales, Theatre Patron, San Francisco, CA
Loren Bray, Actor, Atlanta, GA
Elissa Stebbins, Actor, Teaching Artist, San Francisco, CA
Stephen Tabor, Actor, Bowling Green, KY
Ellen Den Herder, Playwright, Community Engagement Specialist, Arts Administrator Los Angeles, CA
Fontana Butterfield, Actor, Teacher, Feminist Activist, Founder of “Yeah, I Said Feminist”, a Theater Salon, San Francisco CA
Martha Richards, Arts Manager, Berkeley, CA
Kristoffer Barrera, Storyteller, professional, Oakland, CA
Laura Jacobs, Actor, Kansas City, MO
Elisa Bocanegra, Actor & Artistic Director, Ashland, OR
Jilchristina Vest Production, Disgusted Human, Oakland, CA
Ash Malloy, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Rudy Ramirez, Director, Austin, TX
Molly Raynor,  Youth Performing Arts Program Director, Ann Arbor, MI
Morgan Lindsey Tachcomlt, Brooklyn, NY
Sydney Ray, Actor and Teaching Artist,Chicago, IL
SK Kerastas, Artistic Producer, Cal Shakes, Oakland, CA
Risa Aratyr, AEA Stage Manager, Sonoma, CA
Zahra Noorbakhsh, Actor, playwright, San Francisco, CA
Margaret McCarthy, Performer, Director, Playwright, San Francisco, CA
Melody Pilotte, Theatre technician, patron and composer Pacifica, CA
Dominique Toney, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Michael Locher, Theater Designer, EducatorSan Leandro, CA
Annias Bernstine, Curator, Oakland, CA
Marcia Aguilar, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Danya Solomon, Casting Director. Oakland, CA
Deb Fink, Actor, Teacher, Coach, Community Builder, Berkeley, CA
Eunhye Kim, Oakland, CA
Bert van Aalsburg, Stage Manager and Actor, Berkeley, CA
Natalia Hermosilla, Theater Staff, FOH, Oakland CA
Zac Schuman, Actor, Richmond, CA
Jessica Haworth, Director/Casting Associate,Chicago, IL
Carmelita Becnel, Production Stage Manager, Princeton, NJ
Kalyx Deveaux, Mrs.Renton
Bob Greene, Actor, Director, CA
Thomas Constantine Moore, Arts Technologist, Brooklyn, NY
Joanne Barczi, Actor Lynden, WA
Dani Worth,Psychotherapist, former actor, theatre patron, Oakland, CA
Jovelyn Richards, Writer, Performance Artist, Oakland, CA
Jenifer Wofford, Artist and Professor, San Francisco, CA
Zachary Kopciak, Dramaturg,San Francisco, CA
Zahna Simon, Dancer, Assistant Director, San Francisco, CA
Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhDTheater Maker, Activist, Artist ScholarOakland, CA
Deborah James, Actor, Oakland, CA
Mel Cole, Attorney, Berkeley, CA
Mary Lou Torre, Actor, Theater Patron, Palo Alto, CA
Julianne D’Errico, Artist/Costume Designer, Pittsburgh, PA
Tiffany Jaksic, Theatre patron, former long time denizen of San Francisco CA, LA
Regina Jackson, Non Profit President, Oakland, CA
Emily Hanna, Actor and theater educator, Oakland CA
Jessica LoMonco, Actor, Artistic Director, Reykjavík, Iceland
Jim Cadena, Director, Houston TX
Vanessa Ramos, Theater Professional, Albany, CA
Janaka Lewis,Professor,Harrisburg, NC
Keyana Hemphill, Actor, New York, NY
Noelle Guess, Actress, Activist, Oakland, CA
Eva Peskin, Performing Artist and Scholar, Takoma Park, MD
Jaime Gutfeldt, Director, Chicago, IL
Ariel Blackwood, Actor, Tampa, FL
Emi Kojima, Arts Administrator, Oakland, CA
Shelley Doty, Musician, Creator, Patron, etc.Berkeley, CA
Krista Smith, Performance Artist, Arts Administrator, Theater Patron, Concerned Citizen, Oakland, CA
Jess Carr, Producer, Ashland, OR
Ron P. Muriera, Arts Equity Advocate, San Jose, CA
Kele Nitoto , Actor, Oakland, CA
Reina Hardy, Playwright, Chicago, IL
Kate Kilbane, Composer, playwright, educator, Oakland, CA
Taylor Jones, Actor, New York, NY
Mariah MacCarthy, Playwright & Executive Artistic Director of Caps Lock Theatre, New York, NY
Akyiaa Wilson, Actor, Brooklyn, NY
Nana Duffuor, Actor, Playwright, & Director, Oakland, CA
Alicia Coombes, Dramaturg and Director, Oakland, CA
Carolyn Carpenter,Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
K.M. Soehnlein, Professor, MFA in Writing Program, University of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Ty Hallmark, Artistic Director/Producer, Washington, DC
Carey Bjornne,Theatre patron, former performer Fairplay, CO
Beli Sullivan, Actor, Oakland, CA
Jessica Hanna, Theater Maker, Los Angeles, CA
Lori Lindgren, Activist, Walnut Creek CA
Marissa Rudd, Actress, Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Mathieson,Theatre patron, Alameda, CA
Brittney Trem, performer Film & Theater student,Emeryville, CA
Mark Allan Davis, Professor, Director/Choreographer, San Francisco, CA
Beth Flynn, Actor, Denver, CO
Alexa Doggett, Actor, New York, NY
Lizzy Vlasses, Educator, Oakland, CA
Minita Gandhi, Playwright, Actor, Activist Chicago, IL
Cheyenne Smith, American, Spokane, WA
Betty Hart, Actor, Director & Community Facilitator, Denver, CO
Lori Shorin, Theater Patron and artist, Leonia, NJ
Mariama Nance, Film & Multimedia, Producer, Berkeley, California
R Paybe, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
Casey Seymour Kim, Theater Artist and Educator, Cranston, RI
Lillyth Quillan, Actor, writer, theatre patron, Mountain House, CA
Tammy L Hall, Composer/Musical Director, San Francisco, CA
Orville Mendoza, Actor, New York, NY
Dana Dacus, Teacher, Mill Valley, CA
Corinne Adams, Former Costume Designer/Dresser, San Rafael, CA
Gayle Romasanta, playwright, author, Stockton, California
Marilyn Jackson, Patron, Mill Valley CA
Jessica McKeown, Actor/Director/Theater Student, Atlanta, GA
Liz Derias-Tyehimba, Non profit manager and community organizer, Oakland, CA
DeAnne Stewart, Actor, great niece of direct descendent of Sally Hemings, New York, NY
Tamara Miller, Actor/Writer/Musician, Oakland, CA
Becki Smith, Patron, Oakland, CA
Simone Riley, Actor & patron Los Angeles, California
Kimberly Slusser, Audio technician, Orlando, FL
Amanda Su, Graduate Student, Berkeley, CA
Kat Evasco, Theater Maker and Comedian, Oakland, CA
Andrea J Dymond, Director, Producer, Chicago, Illinois
Angela Kellett, ArtHistorian/Humanitarian/Survivor, Walnut Creek, CA
Cameron Gagne, Actor, Theatre Patron Orlando, Florida
Alex Chua,Theater Student, Hayward, California
Brandon James, Theater Patron, Pleasanton, CA
Aureen Almario, Director, Actor, San Francisco
Katy Deane, Stage Manager, Tampa, FL
Natalie Greene, Artistic Director, Mugwumpin, San Francisco, CA
Carin Silkaitis, Artistic Director, Chicago, Illinois
Cassidy Brown, Actor, Oakland, CA
Ariel Luckey, Poet, Playwright, Actor, Oakland, CA
Kadet Kuhne, Patron, Oakland, CA
Breanna Dacey, Technician, San Francisco CA
Vincent Olivieri, Sound designer & Composer, Irvine, CA
Carolyn,Theater patron, Dania Fla
Kristin Smith, Production Manager and Stage Manager, El Cerrito, CA
Katherine Nowacki, Costume Designer, San Francisco, CA
Katherine Causey, Recent Grad, Palo Alto, CA
Ashley Payne, San Domenico Alumna & Theater Patron, Martinez CA
Rachel Fowler, Actor/ProducerLondon, UK
Ashley Odell, Theatre Patron, Hartford, CT
Vanessa Davis, Actor/Director/Teacher, Kansas City MO
Janesta Edmonds,Theater Patron,Oakland, Ca
Nicole Gervacio, Community Member, Artist, Oakland, CA
Ryan Les Short, Sound Designer, Audio Tech, Scenic Carpenter, Oakland, CA
Esther Kibreab, Artist, Oakland, CA
Krystle Piamonte, Actor & Theatre Artist, San Francisco, CA
Nancy Hoffman Writer and Director, Providence RI
Krystyna Finlayson, Theatre Patron, Walnut Creek, CA
DaQuay Taylor, Student, Denver, CO
Brooke Jennings, Costume Designer and Educator, San Francisco, CA
Darryl Sandifer, DIY Cartoonist, Muskegon Heights, Michigan
Vicki Randle, Musician, Oakland, CA
Kevin Clarke, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Gayle Hoisington, SW’r, Merrimack, NH
Chrystal Vaughan.Theater Employee and Actress, Hyattsville
Fayola Perry, Dancer/Community Activist, Oakland,CA
Thurayya UmBayemake,Theatre Artist/ AdministratorNY, NY
Michael McGee, Actor, Charlottesville
Renea Nichols, Professor, University Park, PA
Faith Starling,Theater Patron, Sacramento, CA
Grace Menary-Winefield, Theater Patron Chicago, Illinois
Michaela Pilar Brown, Artist, the NiA Theatre Company, Columbia, SC
Christopher Finn Curtin, Actor, Los Angeles, California
Victor Cruz,Theater Patron, Houston, TX
Aimée Riegel, Actor-Teacher, Rosindale, MA
Marisel Vera, Playwright/novelist/theater patron, Pittsburgh, PA
Jovonna Woodberry, Silver Spring, MD
Cristy Chory,Theater Educator, Philadelphia, PA
Emily Lightfoot, Actor, New York, NY
Monica White Ndounou, Actor, Director, Theater Professor at Dartmouth College, President of Black Theater Association (BTA) of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)Boston, MA
Joan Jubett, Theater Artist,New York, NY
Sowmya Ashokkumar, MFA candidate in Dramatic Writing, San Jose, CA
Irma Mayorga, Scholar-Theatermaker, Hanover, NH
Beverly Aarons, Playwright, Seattle, WASHINGTON
Kerstin Firmin, Audience and board member, Oakland, CA
Sharifa Johka, Director of Equity, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Emily Shpiece, Theatre Student, Delaware OH
Angelique Dina, Actor, Rhode Island
Cecilia Reus,Theater goer, San Francisco CA
Jennifer Marrero, Ms San Francisco
Christina Watanabe, Lighting Designer, New York, NY
Amy, Director, Oakland CA
Erin Allee, Theater Patron, Vancouver, WA
Chessa Hickox,Theater Patron, Helena, MT
Lisa Kellar, Patron, New York, NY
Meghan Healey, Designer, New York NY
Kat Wodtke, Actor, Teaching Artist, Milwaukee, WI
Kaitlin Johnston, Theater patron, Black Mountain, NC
Sam Weaver,Theater Patron, Menomonie WI
Jim Mason, Jim Mason, Theatre Patron, Stockton, CA
Jamera Holland, Black woman first. Therapist second, CA
Misti Boettiger, Actor, Artist, New York, NY
Jefferson A. Russell,Actor, Founding Member of GALVANIZE, a network for Artists of Color, Baltimore, MD
Natascha Corrigan, Actor, Singer, Private Vocal Coach, Los Angeles
Sarah Smithton, Actor,Ross, CA
E. E. Wade, Playwright, Los Angeles, California
Moriah Russell, Actor, Hollywood
Erika Anyaibe,Theater Student, Arlington, Texas
Calie Young, Concerned Citizen, Brooklyn, NY
Desta Sirrine, Theater Student, Salem
Kadeem Ali Harris, Actor/Director, Oakland, CA
Erin Scott, Theatre Patron, Ashland, OR
Liza Witmer, Company Manager, New York, NY
Gloria Campise,Theater Patron, Greenfield Ranch, Ukiah, CA
Linda Tosti-Lane, Theater Patron, Brier WA
Jenna Hochman, Actor, Director, Charlottesville, VA
Paul Flores, Playwright, San Francisco, CA
Katie Forbes, Stage manager, teacher, patron, San Francisco, CA
Liz Derias-Tyehimba, Non profit manager and community organizer, Oakland, CA
Patsy Griffin-Young, Rape survivor, Petaluma CA
Kenneth Monteiro, Professor of Psychology and Dean College of Ethnic Studies, SFSU
San Francisco. CA
Jon Gausman, Peasant, Engineer, Father, Student, San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Sibley, Theater professional, St. Paul
Diane Kondrat, Actor/Director, Portland, Oregon
Jen Coogan, Composer/Writer/ Musician, San Francisco, CA
Ariel Estrada, Actor; Founder and Board SecretaryNew York, NY
Faith Jones-Jackson,Theater Student, Philadelphia, PA
Dillon Kelleher, Actor/writer, Chicago, Illinois
Bibi Cherubin, Technician, Carrollton, GA
Colin M Johnson, Technician, Designer, Alameda, CA
Alice Stewart, Patron,Mill Valley, CA
Melpomene Katakalos, Scenic Designer and Associate Professor of Theatre, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Lindsay Livingston, Professor, Provo, UT
Jeannie Rae Orlando, Actor, San Jose, CA
Ann Harrison, Former Executive Director, Marin Services for Women, Vallejo, CA
Karen Lovaas, SFSU faculty and theatregoer, Oakland, CA
Danae Martinez, drama professor in african american studies, Berkeley california
WeiJen Liao, Actor, Dancer, San Francisco CA
TD Mitchell, Playwright, Brooklyn NY
Michelle Talgarow, Theatre Maker, Mountain House, CA
Mary Hodges, Actor/Director, Harlem, NY
Azel Jones, Actor director playwright, Las Vegas, NV
Deb Karhson, Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Stanford University, San Francisco, CA
Marilyn Kochhar, Other, Mill valley california
Melanie F. Leighton, Theater Patron Morrison, Colorado
Diana Kottke, Patron, Fairfield CA
Shelley Robert, Theater Patron, Oakland, Ca
Christine Cali, Professor, Choreographer, director, California
Patanisha, Patron, Oakland, Ca
Kat Elliott, Theater patron, Newport, OR
Anne Yumi Kobori, Actor//Playwright/Producer/Educator, Utopia Theatre Project
San Francisco, California
Lindsey Davis,Theater Patron, Austin, Texas
Vahishta Vafadari, Actor, Chicago, IL
Heather Denyer, Scholar, Jersey City, NJ
Marina Hotchkiss, Educator, San Francisco CA
Harry Waters Jr., Actor, Director, Community Based Theatre maker, Professor (Macalester College), Black Senior Citizen,Minneapolis, MN
Andrew Calabrese,Theatre Artist,Oakland CA
Randi Gerson,Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Pamela Peniston, Artistic Director, Queer Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA
Frank Britton, Actor, Washington, DC
Sequoia Belk-Hurst, Theater Patron, Alameda CA
Dorian Lockett, Actor and Father. This needs to happen and stop now for the sake of future generations, Richmond California
Diane Kingtheater, Paton, Raleigh, NC
Erin Gilligan,Theater Patron, San Jose, California
Kate Kataja, Director, Providence, RI
Devin Nelson, Actor and Teaching Artist, Astoria, NY
Camella Cooper, Playwright, Director, Theater Educator, Theater Patron, Seattle, Wa
Joanie McBrien, Development Director/Dramaturg, Berkeley, CA
Jahniah Bahari, Creator and Artivist for the WOMBS, Oakland Ca
Gwendolyn Lipscomb, Theater Patron,Newport News
Eliza Washington, Deeply concerned Marinite, Stinson Beach, Ca
Eric Walker, Theater instructor and actor, Chicago IL
Vanessa Gilbert, Creative Producer, Providence RI
Maggie Whitaker, Costume Designer, Theatre Maker, Teacher, El Cerrito CA
Kate Jordan, Performing Artist, Missoula, MT
Kim Wadycki, Theatre Administrator, Theatre Patron, Redwood City, CA
Aaron Simpson, Actor, Langley, WA
Rosa Rivera-Perez, Theater Patrons, Palm Springs, CA
Katie Hunter, Actor/Playwright, Chicago, IL
Nicole Thomas,Theater Patron, Orlando, Florida
Bethany Byrd-Hill, Theater Arts Professional, Richmond, CA
Chiara Motley, Actor, NY, NY
Emily Susanne Franklin, Actor, EMC/AGMA, New York, Ny
Anne Darragh, Actor, Lagunitas, CA
Gina Guerra, Theater Patron, San Jose
Jessamyn Fitzpatrick Actor, Teaching Artist, sexual Violence prevention educator, Chicago IL
Cathleen Sheehanteacher, dramaturg, Berkeley, CA
Victoria Olivier, Actor, Chicago, IL
Dylan Russell, Director/Playwright/Educator, Richmond, CA
Alex Chester, Actor/Writer/Producer, New York, NY
Stephen Buescher, Director/Teacher/ActorEast Bay, CA
Sara Dunn, Teacher, San Francisco, Ca.
Kelsey Shipley Actor, Instructor and Administrator Chicago, IL
Rachael Warren, Actor, Theatre Educator, Providence, Rhode Island
Caitlin Macy-Beckwith, Actor, Seattle, WA
Giselle Roberts, English Major, Corpus Christi, TX
Aneesh Sheth, Actor/Singer/Activist, New York, NY
Mercy Morganfield, Black woman, Washington, DC
Glenn Shiroma, Actor, Theater Patron, Culver City, CA
Sonya Smith, Dancer and Choreographer, Oakland CA
Beverly Reed Scott, Writer/Voice, Olympia Fields
André Rivers, Activist & Theater Goer, Berkeley, CA
Clara Goodwin, Stage Manager and Director, Houston, TX
Nora Montañez, Artist/Founder of Alliance of Latinx Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Julie Douglas, Actor-Creator and Teaching Artist, Alameda, California
Kathryn Mckibben, Artist, Phoenix AZ
Samantha Wallen, Theater Patron, Writer, Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA
Valerie Scott, Patron, Vallejo, Ca
Reginald Braxton, Patron, Knoxville TN
Judith Jones, DRAMA THERAPIST, Berkeley CA
Shawn Rene Graham, Dramaturg, Bronx, NY
Sarah Cosgrove, Playwright, Gaithersburg, Md
Denise Saunders Thompson, President & CEO, D.d.Saunders & Associates, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
BrennieBrennie Tellu, MFA/Actor/Writer/Producer, NY, NY
Jonathan Hooks, Actor, New York, New York
C Niambi Steele, Actor, Writer, Recording Artist, Human, Harlem, NY
Kate Castillo, Actor, artist, patron, Windsor, Ca
Dan Wolf, Actor-Rapper-Writer-Teacher-Student, Berkeley
Francine M Austin, Theater Patron, Docent & Donor, Oakland, CA
Kristen Malisewski, Actor, Tomball, TX
Elizabeth Brodersen, Theater Education Administrator, San Francisco, CA
Jacqueline Goldfinger, Playwright/Dramaturg/Teaching Artist, Philadelphia, PA
Kara Volkmann,Theatre patron & talent agent, Astoria, NY
Amy Prosser, Actress, Playwright, Theatre Educator,Richmond, CA
Julie Lim, Actor, Playwright, Patron, Novato, CA
Bill McKenney, Actor, Director, Alexandria Virginia
Maddie Gaw, Dramaturg, Berkeley, CA
Will Dao, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Micky Shorr, Poet, Write, rBrooklyn, NY
Malaika H Kambon, Photojournalist, People’s Eye Photography; SF Bayview Newspaper, Oakland
Barbara Pitts McAdams, Theater Artist, New York NY
Donna Hunter, Lecturer, Stanford University and theater patronSan Francisco
Roxanne Mena, A Woman of Color, Westminster, Denver
Luke Myers, Acting Student, Minneapolis, MN
Kellie Williams,Theater Student, Bronx, NY
Rachel Edelman, Writer and Teacher, Seattle, WA
Joseph Shumake, Conscientious citizen/Supporter of the Arts, San Francisco, California
Porsche McGovern, Lighting designer, researcher, Greenwich, CT
Katelyn Caufield, Costume Designer, Reno, NV
Maria Caswell, Musician, Sebastopol, California
Fred PittsActor, Physician, San Francisco CA
Rachel Ewing, Previous teaching artist, LMFT, Canyon CA
Angeline Mirenda, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Rebecca Curtis, Actor, teaching artist, Los Angeles
Annie Reid, Academic Librarian, San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Kelly-Golfman, Facilitator, Attorney, Creative Advocacy Consultant, Artist, Brooklyn, NY
Lynne Morrow, Music Director, Rohnert Park, Ca
Brendan Aanes, Designer, Brooklyn, MY
Avi Jacobson, Actor, Albany, CA
Jordan Battle, Actor and Theater Patron, Daly City, CA
Janelle Tassano, Theater Patron, Oakland CA
Kanta Kochhar, Director, Clinton, WA
Molly Noble, Actor. Director.Teacher, Ross, CA
Lori Fowler, Stage Manager, Oakland, CA
Arie Levine, Producer, Los Angeles, CA
Lei-Lei Bavoil, Actor, New York, NY
Lucia Gocobachi Salazar, Theater Student and Patron, Vallejo, CA
Anna Harmon, Theater Patron, Seattle, WA
Jonathan James, Concerned individual, Atlanta, GA
Rachel DeGuzman, President/CEO 21st Century Arts, Rochester, NY
Rosie Frater, Actor, Santa Rosa, CA
Hanna Schultheis-Gerry, Actor/Writer, San Leandro, CA
Sarang Bhatt,Theater Patron, San Francisco, CA
Jake Rodriguez, Sound Artist, San Francisco, CA
Mary Ann Rodgers, Actor, Director, Patron, San Anselmo, CA
Cordelia Miller, SM, London, UK
Thomas Pangactor, theatremaker, co-founder of Room to Breathe collective
San Francisco, Singapore
Emily Berry, Artistic Director, Jackson Heights, NY
Daniel Carlton, Actor/Playwright, New York NY
Gerry Grosz, Musician, Composer, Sound Designer, Corte Madera, CA
Kris Malone Grossman, Theater Patron, Mill Valley, CA
Demi Washington, Medical Field/Caregiver, Austin TX
Samara Dienst-Philipson, Patron, Tacoma WA
Tamisha Monet, Actress, Oakland,CA
Kristin Hammargren, Actor & Teaching Artist, Chicago, IL
Carla Pantoja, Actor, Fight Director, Teaching Artist, Santa Clara
Marilyn Fuller, Retired teacher and theater patron, Los Gatos, CA
Sunshine Combs Ramirez, Actor, Writer, Health Science Researcher, Berkely, CA
Ann E Miller, Theater Patron & Technician, Wichita Falls, Texas
Austin Vaile, Human, Oakland CA
Jason Ridler, Historian, Berkeley CA
Mary Carp, Actor, Culver City, CA
Carly Smyth, Massage Therapist, San Francisco
Beth Deitchman, Writer, Actor, Educator, Portland, OR
Pruett Cunningham, Patron, Lincoln, RI
Jacinta Sutphin, Theatre Artist, Oakland, CA
Celia Rivera, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Marla Marcianelli, Patron, San Francisco CA
Clint Blakely, Actor, Musician & Educator, Los Angeles
Amala Lane, Filmmaker, Social Activist, New York, New York
Hayley Cotton, Performing Arts Teacher, Boulder, CO
Rachael Tanger, Theater Patron, Chicago IL
Monica Cortés, Viharo, Actor, Adjunct Professor, Seattle, WA
Rob Moser, Theater Patron, Santa Paula, CA
Shalonda Peterson, Audience member, North Miami Beach
Jonathan Norton, Playwright Dallas, TX
Kristen Daley, Dance Professor, Petaluma, CA
Tamara Miller, Actor/Writer/Musician,Oakland, CA
Eric Ennenga, US Citizen, Redding CA
Emma Goldman-Sherman, Playwright and Dramaturg, New York, NY
Caryl Kientz, Managing Director/Artistic Associate Non-profit theater production company, Oakland CA
Laura Zingle, Stage manager, production manager, electrician, San Diego, CA
Kathleen Mulready, Singer and Teacher, Brooklyn, NY
Devawn Bledsoe, Woman Activist, Washginton DC
Karl Schaffer, Mathematics Faculty at De Anza College and Choreographer,
Scotts Valley, California
Nicia De’Lovely, SURVIVOR, Poet/ Activist. Get Uncomfortable. Regina’s Door. Team Ceremony. Survivors of Sexual Assault Living in Truth.Oakland, CA
Scott Ragle, Actor, Director, Photographer, San Francisco
Shani Harris-Bagwell, Actor/Teaching Artist, Portland Oregon
Linn Munn, Retired educator, Santa Cruz, CA
Madeleine Farley, ActorMinneapolis, MN
Lauren Ferebee, Playwright, San Marcos, TX
D Mitchell, Playwright, Producer, Washington, DC
Erin Quill, Actor, New York, NY
Ilana Soorenko, Theater Patron/Former Theater Camp Attendant, Astoria, NY
Maeve Dellert, Theater Student, San Francisco, CA
Jessica Kiely, Actor, Mountlake Terrace, WA
Celine Schein Das, Theater Patron, Arts Administrator, San Rafael, CA
Frank Weidner, Theatre Producer/Actor/Progressive, Human, Los Angeles
Anne Emerick, retired scientist, Oakland, CA
Sion, Director/Producer, San Francisco CA
Michelle Hardeman-Guptill, Actor, Director, Advocate and Therapist., Santa Rosa
Allisyn Swift, School Psychologist, Race and Equity Coordinator, New Orleans LA
Jazmin W., Actress, Brooklyn, NY
Phil Wong, Actor, Musician, Educator, Oakland, CA
Allisyn Swift, School Psychologist, Race and Equity Coordinator New Orleans LA
Carly Weckstein, Director, Performer, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA
Kenna Kettrick, Actor, Seattle
JoAna Gray, Singer, Actor, Theatre Patron, Business Owner, San Francisco, CA
Amanda Knehans, Stage Designer, Los Angeles
Deborah, Director and Choreographer ,New York, NY
Tom Bertetta, Theater Musician, San Francisco, CA
Tammy Everett, Actor and Fight Director, Toronto, ON
Karen Billard, Costume Designer, Santa Fe, NM
Veronica Burt, Actor/Dancer, Choreographer, Brooklyn, New York
Mary Scheib, Theater Patron, San Francisco, CA
Monica Woodworth, Theater Patron and descendant of Thomas Jefferson, Oakland, CA
Julie Solomon, Scenic designer, New York, NY
Vicki Solomon, Theater Patron of multiple theaters.Piedmont, CA
Patricia Ashburn, Women, Columbus Ohio
Anne Holmes, Development professional, Menlo Park, CA
Jenna Rapisarda, Actor, Chicago, IL
Val Garrahan, Actor/ Writer, Kensington, CA
Tammy Everett, Actor and Fight Director, Toronto, ON
Adeline Smith, Designer, Painter, San Francisco
M Parker, Theater Patron, San Bruno, Ca
Arlene Bozich, Actress, Playwright, In Solidarity, New York, NY
Jessica G. Smith, Actor. Chicago, IL
Carolyn Power, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Joe Luis Cedillo, Playwright-Director, Los Angeles, CA
Zachary Barton, Actor, Activist, Writer, Teaching Artist, Human, Hollywood, CA
Millin Jefferson, Richmond, Virginia
Martha Knobler, Theater Patron, Berkeley
Terra Shelton, Philosophy Student, San Luis Obispo, CA
Sam Barnum, Theater Patron and performer, San Francisco, CA
Kelsey Corbitt,Theater Patron & Musician, Alexandria, VA
Luke White, Dramaturg, Iowa City, IA
Te’Juana Johnson, Actress, Los Angeles, CA
Monica Cortés Viharo, Actor, Adjunct Professor, Seattle WA
Rob Lecrone, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Emily Fassler, Production Manager & Sound Designer, Berkeley, CA
Penny Barthel, Concerned citizen, Albany, CA
Ayanna Davis, Actor, theater patron, Berkeley, CA
Pamela Davis,Theater patron, Berkeley, CA
Jane Segal, Artist, San Francisco. California
Bernie Smith, Theater Patron, Fairfield, CA
Brittany Kelley, Teaching Fellow Digital Cultures, London, UK
Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Director and Playwright, Fort Washington, Maryland
Abigail Pañares, Individual Giving Manager, Producer Berkeley, CA
April Reed, Scenic Designer, Mankato, Minnesota
Amanda Maud, Actor, London, UK
Dr. Julie B. Johnson, Dance Lecturer, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia
Lisa Blythe, Playwright, Forest Hills, New York
Jenn Salcido, Nonprofit administrator (formerly ofTrinity Repertory Company)Santa Monica, CA
Sophia Parrish, Wardrobe Supervisor, Atlanta, GA
Deshika Brewer, Professor, Winter Springs
Lauren Johansen, Patron, San Carlos, CA
Marisa Taylor, Theater Patron, San Diego CA
Pamela Bullock, Wardrobe Dresser, New York, New York
Nikki Shin, Patron, Brooklyn, NY
Gee Coffman, Theater Patron, Dallas, TX
Smriti Murali, Student Highwood, IL
Michelle Dwyer, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Rev. Lindasusan Ulrich, Writer, Performer, Unitarian Universalist Minister, Ypsilanti, MI
Jito, Theater patron and educator, Berkeley, CA
Cava Menzies, Artistic Director and Musician, Oakland, CA
Amara Tabor Smith, Actor/performer, Oakland California
Kaz Valtchev, Actor/Educator, Berkeley, CA
Laura Tetreault, PhD candidate, theater patron, Louisville, KY
Valerie Troutt, Trust and support Black women by showing empathy. Foster new conversations and art that don’t praise or glorify rape culture. It’s not ok.Oakland,CA
Patricia Lee, Patron, San Francisco, CA
Veronica Perez, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Tiara Phalon, Actor/Screen Writer, Oakland Ca
Andy Lucien, Actor, Queens, New York
Kirsten Hagopian, Patron, Apex NC
Jenn Ruygt, Production Manager, Boston, MA
William Dennis, Hunt Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Tavia Percia, Actor, Director, Playwright, Oakland California
Colin Cortopassi, Theatre Maker, San Francisco, CA
Sara Cyl-Champlin, Special Educator retired, San Jose CA
Karen Lubisch, Theater Patron, Richmond, CA
Kim Daniels, Actress, Oakland CA
Tiffany Golden, Writer, Educator Oakland, CA
Josephine Perry, Producer, screenwriter and playwright, actor, Berkeley, CA
Ruth Labrie, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Debi Tinsley, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Eve Lindi, Arts Organizer, Musician, former Theater Board and Collaborating Artist, (Pilgrim Theatre, Boston and Ashfield MA),Sebastopol CA
Rebecca Noon, Maker/Teacher/Producer, Providence, RI
Isabelle Grimm, Actor, Teaching Artist, San Rafael, CA
Kalen Mills, Videographer, Seattle WA
Maha Chehlaoui, Founder and Former Executive Director Noor Theatre, Brooklyn NY
Suzie Pineda, Actor, artist, mother, Redwood City, CA
M Dagdagan, Theater patron, Los Angeles, CA
Terrance Thoms, Actor, New York, NY
Jenna Bosco, Actor, New York, NY
Joanie McBrien, Development Director/Dramaturg, Berkeley, CA
Bryan Pangilinan, Singer, Performing Artist, San Francisco, CA
Ganessa James, Musician, New York, NY
Casey Llewellyn, Playwright, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Goldschmidt, Writer, Glendale, CA
Jen Varbalow, Scenic Designer, Woodside, NY
Drae Campbell, Actor, New York, NY
Megan Lipari, Actor, Santa Clara, Ca
George Maguire, Actor/Theater Artistic Director Emeritus, SF CA
Sarah Peterson Pittock, university instructor and administrator, Los Gatos, CA
Casey Lynne Delaney,Director,Creative Director Danse Theatre Surreality, Paris
EARNESTINE PHILLIPS, Actor, Los Angeles, California
Susan Percal, Human being, San Francisco, CA
Viviana Bernal, Theater patron, Brooklyn, NY
Alexandria Crawford, Actor, Teaching Artist, St. Petersburg, FL
Angela Pirko, Director, Washington, DC
Sharlyn Sawyer, Bay Area Performing Arts Administrator/Artist/ED, Woodacre, CA
Amin El Gamal, LA-based Actor from the Bay, Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Bublitz, Playwright, Salt Lake City, UT
Star Finch, Playwright, San Francisco, CA
Ruth Lym, Theater Patron, CA
Baruch Porras Hernandez, Writer, Performer, San Francisco, CA
Samuela Nematchoua, Actor, Writer, & Theatre Student, Chicago, IL
Tai Verley, Actor, Teaching Artist, Philadelphia, PA
Carol Ann Walker, Actor, Theater Patron, South San Francisco, CA
Paul Donnelly, Playwright, Honolulu, HI
Elizabeth Carp. Theater patron & former resident of Marin County, Anacortes, WA
Sophia Craven, Lighting Design Technician, San Francisco CA
Tisha ShawI, am no one. I am everyone, San Rafael, CA
Nahal Navidar, Playwright, New York, NY
David Coffman, Stage Manager, San Francisco, CA
Karina Simpson, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Lori Schoenwald, Survivor, Swedesboro NJ
Warren Foster, Content Creators/Producer, Pittsburg California
Jared Fellows, Sound designer, Los Angeles, CA
Tom Paul Jr. Thrillpeddler, Actor, Musician, Co-Producer of Peaches Christ Presents OutLoud StorytellingOakland, Ca
Omar Osoria, Actor, Pittsburg CA
Brock Brown, Artist, Richmond CA
Emily Rolston, Stage Manager, Mt Vernon, NY
Fatima M. Academic, Berkeley, CA
Jherria Dailey, Playwright, Daytona Beach, Florida
Eryka (Raines) Milligan, AEA, Fairfax, CA
Danielle Cain, Actor, Teaching Artist, Santa Rosa, CA
Erin Carter, Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, San Francisco, CA
Susanne Nitter, Actor, Austin, TX
Tirzah Tyler, Director of Production, Cal Shakes, East Palo Alto, CA
Tanya Orellana, Designer, San Francisco, CA
Morgan C. Goldstein, Dramaturg (Freelance) and Teacher (Mission San Jose High School), Fremont, CA
Virginia Reinert, Dancer, Educator, Writer, Seattle, WA
Denmo Ibrahim, Actor, Writer, Mill Valley, CA
Christopher Gomez, Actor, Mill Valley, CA
Sara Felder, Writer/Juggler/Performer, Oakland, CA
Sarah Wendorf, Theater Patron, Oakland
Melinda Pfundstein Vaughn, Executive Director, Statera Foundation, Cedar City, UT
Logan Ellis, Directing Grad Student, Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT
LeAnne Rumbel, Actor, Director & Playwright, Portland, OR.
Kyla Danysh, Musician and teacher, Oakland, CA
Rachel Hill, Theater Student, Actor, and Playwright, San Leandro, CA
Joe Ayers, Student, Actor, Dancer, Berkeley, CA
Lisa Porter, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Eric Reid, Actor, Director, Social Justice Warrior, San Francisco
Kathleen Jones, Playwright, Alamo, CA
Robert Paterno, Actor and Teaching Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Lalin St Juste, Actor, El Cerrito CA
Michael Shepperd, Artistic Director, Los Angeles CA
Katie Frazer, Producer, Actor, Theatre Administrator, Philadelphia, PA
Lynne Marie Rosenberg, Actor/Writer/Accomplice, Brooklyn, NY
Dana Blankman,Theater Patron, Woman in the Arts, Oakland, CA
Madeline Kenney, Musician, Oakland, CA
Marilyn Marfoe, Theater Patron, Chicago, Illinois
Cate Mason, Theatre patron, San Francisco, CA
Michelle Hair, Theatermaker, San Francisco, California
Zach Goldberg, Stage Manager, Educator, Arts Administrator, Oakland, CA
Katherine Williamson, Educator, Alameda, CA
Jennifer Meek Satoh, Dance Artist, Oakland
Colin Thomson, Actor, Richmond, CA
Tatiana Chaterji, Teaching Artist & Restorative Justice Practitioner, Oakland, CA
Carly Evans, Theatre educator, Director, Sudbury, MA
Justine Law, Scenic Designer, Fremont, CA
BETSI BILYCK, Support of BLACK WOMEN, San Francisco Ca
Caoímhe Collins, Theatre patron, Ireland
Natalie Ryan Fong, Dancer, Oakland, CA
Max Hauser, Theatre student, Berkeley CA
Lynn Lammers, Director, Lansing, Michigan
Thembi Duncan, Director/Playwright/Teaching Artist, Washington, DC
Ardith Lane, Theater Patron, Anderson CA
Sowmya Ashokkumar, Playwright, San Jose, CA
Barbara Begley, Playwright, Mill Valley, CA
Charlotte Christien, Artist & Creative, Theatre PatronDublin, CA
Deborah Ellen, Walnut Grove, CA
Katrina McGraw, Actor- teacher, San Francisco, CA
Mel, patron, Laramie, WY
Amissa Miller, Dramaturg, Writer, Educator Austin, TX
Kayl Frayre, Playwright, Theatre Student, San Francisco, CA
Abdulrahim, Actor, Activist SFC, CA
Lauren Rosi, Theater teacher, Oakland, CA
Anya Bida, PhDPalo, Alto CA
Emily Rosenthal, President of the Board, Crowded Fire TheaterOakland, ca
Lee Haskin, Theater Patron, San Francisco, CA
Shandra Duncan, S.M. DUNCAN, ACTOR, Centennial, CO
Melanie DeMore, Vocal Activist, Composer, Master Teaching Artist, UCBOakland
Tonya Marie Amos, Dancer/ Choreographer, Concord, CA
Donald Martin, Jr., Theatre Patron, Concord, CA
Wren Fernande, Theater Student, Antioch, CA
Natriece Spicer, Literary Artist, Oakland, Ca
Rachael Devlin, Actor and patron, Richmond, ca
Robert Henry Johnson, Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Playwright, San Francisco,
Marella Martin Koch, Writer-Director, New York, NY
Benton Greene, Actor, former member of Bay Area community, New York, NY
Nina Kauffman, Director & Musical Theatre, Writer, Woodside, NY
Denise Richardson, Educator, Berkeley, CA
Emily Schmmokler, Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA
Megan Beck, Escrow Assistant, Seattle, WA
Ed Schmookler, Psychologist, Berkekey, CA
Michelle Carter, Playwright, Educator, San Francisco, California
Karin Saari, Director, Theatre Student, Victoria, BC, Canada
Erica Richardson, Actor, Musician and Teaching Artist, Oakland
Eric Bates, Actor, Los Angeles, CA
Andrea Ciannavei, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
Callie Kimball, Playwright, Portland, ME
Joshua Roberts, Actor, Educator, Harlem, New York City, NY
Omolaja Oyewole, Midwife Seabrook
Kaypri, Actor/Playwright/Producer, Priscilla Belle Productions, Los Angeles, CA
Nora El Samahy, Actor, Oakland, CA
Vickie Washington, Actor, Director, Teacher, Founder, r-t-w~ reading the writers, Dallas, TX
Ann Tracy, Director, actor, playwright and audience member, Portland Maine
Kristen Adele Calhoun, Actor, Writer, Producer, Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Anderson, Theater Patron,Cincinnati Ohio
Michael Torres, Actor, Director, Professor and Presenter, Oakland California
Najee Amaranth, Oakland, CA
Dalia Vidor, Executive Producing Director, Vallejo Shakespeare in the Park,Vallejo, CA
Emma Talamantes, Student, Oakland, CA
Sharon Blynn, Actorvist, Writer, New York
Monique Robinson, actor, Brooklyn, NY
Cat Brooks, Actor/activist, Oakland CA
Sarah B. Mantell, Playwright, Brooklyn, NY
Patrick Russell, Actor, Oakland, CA
Josh Wilder, Playwright, Yale School of Drama, New Haven, CT
Hannah Levy, Vocalist, Oakland, California
Becca Wolff, Director, San Francisco
Emily Sucher, Actor/Director/Teaching Artist, Silver Spring, MD
Jennifer Anderson, Theater Patron, Santa Cruz, CA
Christina Ham, Playwright, Minneapolis, MN
James Anthony Tyler, Playwright, New York, NY
John Rooney, Director/Producer/Educator, Chicago, IL
Pernell Walker, Actress, Bronx
Kara Lee Corthron, Playwright/Author,New York, NY
Stacey Rose, Playwright, Theatre Artist, Saint Paul, MN
Christine Jamlig, Actor, Educator, Hayward, CA
Madhuri Shekar, Playwright, Jersey city NJ
Tamiyka White, Actor, Director, Writer, Theatre Producer, Los Angeles, CA
Dawn Kelley, Stage Manager, Baltimore, MD
Catherine Hagner, Playwright,Poquoson, VA
Rona Siddiqui, Composer/Lyricist, New York, NY
Heather Henry,Theater Patron,Oakland, California
Jeanine Strobel, Audience member, Novato, CA
Richard Mosqueda, Director/Theatre Artist, San Francisco, CA
Doyle Ott, director, actor, educator, clown, Berkeley ca
Zack Barak, Actor, SF California
Karen Altree Piemme, Director, Red Ladder Theatre Company, San Jose, CA
Jeannie Barroga, Playwright, Sausalito CA
David Moore, Actor, Teacher, Berkeley, CA
Galen Murphy-Hoffman, Actor, New York, NY
Desiree Jordan, Theatre patron, NYC, NY
Andrew Page, Grants Manager, Cal Shakes,Berkeley, CA
Tatyana Carlo, Director, Miami Florida
Laura Hooper Doughty, Black Box Acting Founder and Executive Director, Chicago IL
Chloe Bronzan, Artistic Director, Berkeley, CA
Board of Seattle NOW, Board Co-President, Seattle, WA
Kendra Johnson, Designer, Richmond CA
Joanne Tien, Community member, Oakland , CA
Sikivu Hutchinson, Playwright, Los Angeles, CA
John Keene, Writer, translator, professor, Jersey City, NJ
Imani Constance Burnett, writer, Fairburn, GA
Phoebe Moyer, Actor/Director/Instructor, Greenbrae, CA
Bob Young, Technician, san francisco
J Jha, Actor, Oakland, CA
Mary-Pat Green, Actor/Director, Los Angeles, CA
Clea Shapiro, former Casting Director, Orinda, CA
Lynette Carlton, Theater Patron, Fairfax, CA
Shannon Bicknell, Theater Artist, Los Angeles, CA
Marcie Tatman, Vocals, Lakewood, CA
Luisa Frasconi, Actor/Teacher, San Rafael, CA
Regina Victor, Multidisciplinary Producing Artist & Critic Chicago, IL
Susan Pfeffer, Artist, Oakland, CA
Kristy Haber, Oakland
Sarah Walsh, Theater artist, Rockville, MD
Emily Stamets theatre artist/patron, Ramona, CA
Corinne Wilson, Theater Patron, Seattle
Ren Santiago, Storyteller, New York
Jessica Atanas, Scenic Artist, Boston, MA
Khadeeja Abdul-Jabbar, Theatre patron, Atlanta, GA
Maggie Whitaker, Costume designer/theatre artist, El Cerrito, CA
Amy Billroth-MacLurg, Actor/MFA Student/Voice Teacher, Kansas City, MO
Kathryn Blume, Theater Artist, Charlotte, VT
Marcus Gorman, Playwright/Actor/Technician/Patron, Seattle, WA (originally from Berkeley, CA)
Beth Deitchman, Writer/Actor/Educator, Portland, OR
Stephen Pawley, Actor/Activist
Julienne Roo Huigen, Technician, Denver, CO
Erika Salomon, Actor/Writer/Theater Patron, Culver City, CA
Julia McDermott-Swanskn, Theater Patron/College Professor, Santa Rosa, Ca
Shamus McCarty, Actor/Director, Philadelphia, PA
Rebecca J. Ennals, Artistic Director, San Francisco, CA
Finn Ware,Actor/Director/Producer, Oakland ca
Victoria Erville, Dierctor/theater patron, San Francisco
Jayne Deely, Playwright, Astoria, NY
Molly Conway, House Manager, Oakland, CA
Aubrey Kaye, Actor, Seattle
John Mercer, Actor/author/theater patron, Oakland, CA
Sara McGuire, Playwright/President of the Women’s Theatre Alliance of Chicago, Chicago, Il
Anna Smith, Educator, Director/Actor, Richmond, CA
Kimberly Chatterjee, Actor, Fremont, CA
Kathleen Lee, Teaching Artist, San Francisco CA
Abby Hanssen, Theater Student, Tiburon, CA
Nathaniel Andalis, Actor, Hayward, CA
Edgar Miranda, Technician, San Francisco CA
Maya sherer, Actress, Los Angeles, CA
Carolynn ni Lochlainn, Former Actor/Current Theatre Patron, Huntington, NY
Emily Green, Actor, Chicago,
Holly Calica, Herbalist/Arts Educator/Patron, Santa Rosa, CA
Nikki Meñez, Director/Performer/Theater Administrator, San Francisco, CA
Barbara Jwanouskos, Playwright/Educator/Theater Patron, Dublin, CA
Clay David, Director Manager, Berkeley
Solange Castro, Playwright, Comic, Los Angeles
Jaime Lee Currier, Actor, Musician, Teacher, Berkeley, CA
Laura Shapiro, Theater Patron, San Francisco, CA
Eric Kerr, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Meridith Anne Baldwin, Actor/Singer/Dancer/Clown, Oakland, CA
Hana Sara Ito, Actor/playwright, Kamuela, Hawaii
Isa Hopkins, Writer/Theater Patron, Pasadena, CA
Bess Welden, Actor/Playwright/Educator, Portland, ME
Leah Abrams, Executive Director of Custom Made Theatre Co. New York, NY
Caitlin Partridge,Actor, Literary Director/Dramaturg, Washington, DC
Porsche Kelly,Spoken Word Artist/Activist, Oakland, CA
Delina Brooks, Writer/Director/Producing Artist, Oakland, CA
Sharon Shao, Actor, Fremont, CA
Sarah Levin, Actor, Huntington Beach, CA
Amy Knutson, Producer/Director, Los Angeles, CA
Marilet Martinez, Actor/ Improvisor/Teaching Artist, San Francisco, CA
Brendon North, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Paul Silverman, Actor and Licensed Psychotherapist, San Francisco, CA
Sage Alia, Clemenco Theatre Artist and Administrator, Los Angeles, CA
Kahlil Leneus, Actor/Student, Oakland, CA
Lacy Katherine Campbell, Director/designer, Seattle, WA
Camille Rohrlich, Production Manager, Oakland, CA
Kelsey Gottschalk, Actor/Patron/lover of both provocative theater and accountability to the safety of the community, San Francisco, CA
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Playwright, Astoria, NY
Katharine Torres, Actor/Costuming Asst. San Francisco, CA
Jessica Landis, Theater Artist, Chicago, IL
Alexis Chaney, Designer Pittsburgh, PA
Devlin, Actor, San Diego
Aurelia Jordan, Actor, Berkeley, CA
Helene Galek, Actor/Casting Director, NYC, NY
Kate Lockary, Theater Patron, Alameda, CA
Melpomene Katakalos, Scenic Designer and Associate Professor of Theatre, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Cézanne Baghdadlian, Writer & Patron, San Francisco, CA
C Swanson, Playwright, Austin TX
Nicole Huett, Theatre Teacher, Asheville, NC
Elizabeth Emanuel, Stage Manager, New York, NY
John Rooney, Professional Leadership Programs Assistant, Steppenwolf Theatre CompanyChicago, IL
Christina Novakov-Ritchey, Dramaturg and Ph.D. Student at UCLA Berkeley, CA and Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Gilbert, Theatre Artist, Abbeville, LA
Kate Carson-Groner, Actor & Theater Artist, Chicago, IL
Carly D. WecksteinDirectorLos Angeles, CA
Alisha EspinosaActor, playwright, SJWNew York, NY
Susi Damilano, Actor/Director/Producer, San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Callahan, Actor, Queens, NY
Kimberly Flynn, Actor, San Francisco, CA
Shannon R. Carroll, Director, Oakland, CA
Dana Cordelia Morgan, actor and theatre patron, Santa Clara, CA
John Moletress, Theatre maker, Los Angeles, CA
Briel Pomerantz, Actor/educator, Berkeley, CA
Caraline Jeffrey, Director/Stage Manager, Bethlehem, PA
Stephanie Buck, Stage Manager, Detroit, MI
Charlie Gray, Bay Area Actor, Oakland, CA
Wylie Herman, Actor, Belmont
Johnathan Williams, Actor, Oakland, CA
Juliann Castelli-Smith, Theater patron, Lakeland, FL
Lynda Bachman, Director/Theatre Educator, Boston, MA (formerly San Francisco, CA)
Melissa Ng, Designer, New York, New York
Lucas Brandt, Actor, Pinole, CA
Jenny hogvall-lovett, Patron, Berkeley, CA
Radhika Rao, Actor/Director, San Francisco, CA
River Navaille, Director/Seaside High School Drama, Seaside, CA
Annie Strain, Theater patron, Richmond, CA
Eileen Sanchez, MUA/WriterWest Covina, CA
Leea Ayers, Actor, Chicago, IL
Ryan O’Shea, Actor, Teaching artist, Theatre patron, Los Angeles, CA
Blair Mellow, Actor, AGMA, Royal Oak, Michigan
LaRena Iocco , Performance Artist San Francisco, CA
Bethanie Margado Artist Oakland, CA
Rachel Trocano ,Patron, San Francisco, CA
Lily Crystal Director, Founding Artistic Director, Ferocious Lotus ,San Francisco,CA
Nelson Ochosi ,Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Crystal Liu Actor, Production Man , Palo Alto, CA
Annie Campbell Washington, Vice Mayor & Oakland City Council Member, District 4 Oakland, CA
Aily Roper ,Actor , Los Angeles, CA
Nicolle Cowger ,Mother, Attorney, Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Julia Rose ,Actor San Francisco, CA
Babette Bordenave, Albany, California
Adrianna Mitchell ,M.F.A. Actor, American Conservatory Theater, Oakland, CA
Tiffany Kuo ,Dancer, Designer, Singer, Social and Cultural Activist ,San Francisco, CA
Tomasina Paganini ,Actor ,San Francisco
Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe ,Theater Artist, San Francisco, CA
Martha Valentine ,Theatre Artist, San Francisco, CA
Shakara Wyatt , Actor Los Angeles ,CA
Joryn Eliwen ASL Interpreter Graton, CA
Kathleen Patane , Patron , New York, NY
Robin McGinty, Doctoral Candidate @ CUNY, New York, NY
Stacia Hoover ,Theater Patron , Belfast, ME
Myra Donnelley, Former Theatre Director, Producer, Playwright, Baltimore, MD
Farah Lawal Harris, Artistic Director, Playwright, Actor, Washington, DC
Taylor Pearlstein ,Actor , New York, NY
Idris Goodwin ,Playwright ,Manitou Springs, CO
Leigh Paradise ,Costume Technician ,Pottstown, PA
Sarah Bertolozzi Talbot ,Costume Designer/Wardrobe Supervisor ,Beacon, NY
Michelle Beck ,Actor ,New York, NY
Korinn Walfall ,Actor ,Bowie MA
Chelsea Czuchra Theater Musician ,Bayboro, NC
Lauren Jane Redmond ,Playwright ,Washington, DC
Kristina Del Pino,Theater Patron ,Chicago, IL
Jess Otterbine ,Actor and Teaching Artist, Philadelphia, PA
Carolyn Mraz, Designer, Brooklyn NY
Cheri Robertson ,Theater Patron, Oakland, CA
Terry Baum,Co-Director, Lilith Women’s Theater, San Francisco,CA
MADELINE PUCCIONI ,Playwright ,Oakland, California
Keith Pinto ,Actor, Choreographer, Director, Mill Valley, CA
Gabrielle Gomez ,Playwright/Director/Producer & Attorney, Oakland, CA
Katherine Nowacki,Costume Designer,San Francisco, CA
Maurice André San-Chez, Actor, Educator, and Advocate, Oakland, CA
Brianna Grey Rodriguez, Actor, Vallejo, CA
Nique Eagen,Actor ,San Jose CA
Laura Deal,Theater Patron ,El Cerrito, CA
Rebecca Hausammann ,Theater Patron and Educator ,Fairfax, CA
Barbara Cicerelli ,Theater Patron,San Francisco, CA
Alison Evarts ,Actor .Washington, DC
Jillian Valdez ,Actor, Theater Patron, Teacher ,Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl McFarren, Actor, Director, and Theatre Educator ,Granville, OH
Rachel Witt ,Technician & Arts Administrator ,Alexandria, VA
Wendie Hetherington ,Actor ,Philadelphia, Pa
Jen Alison Lewis ,Actor, teacher, director, advocate ,Boston, MA
Erin Sullivan ,Actor ,Chicago, IL
Amanda Zeitler ,Playwright and Teacher ,Washington, DC
Carolyn Cubit-Tsutsui ,Theatre Educator and Stage Manager , Paso, TX
Hannah Klapperich-Mueller ,Actor, Madison, WI
Anna Waldron ,Actor, Producer & Director ,Boston, MA
Mila Romero ,Theatre Artist, PA
Christina Anderson ,Playwright ,Providence, RI
Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman ,Playwright ,Chicago, IL
Eli Nixon ,Performer/ creator, Providence, RI
Megan Rutherford, Costume Designer ,New York, NY
Derek Nieves,Technical Director,Tallahassee, FL
Kamela Heyward-Rotimi, Concerned Citizen, Durham NC
Margaret Gayford .Acting Student, Winston-Salem, NC
Lexi Saunders ,Director, Performer, Teaching Artist ,Chicago, IL
Lori Kaplan ,Provider Theatrical Wardrobe ,New York, NY
Melissa Kievman ,Director ,Providence, RI
Sheridan Singletom ,Actor, Theatre Admin,Chicago, IL
Hannah Watzke, Actor ,New York, NY
Lucy Gram ,Director,New York, NY
Susan Heyward ,Actor, Actor’s Equity Association, SAG-AFTRA ,Brooklyn, NY
Lauren Miller ,Technician ,Astoria, New York
Sophia Hirsch ,Theatre Student, Boston, MA.
Rebecca Schneebaum , Actor/Teacher ,Boston MA
Julia Sweeney ,Actor, Coldtowne Theater, Austin ,TX
Amanda Haverick ,Scenic Artist, Oregon Shakespeare Festival ,Talent OR
Barbara Jwanouskos ,Playwright, Educator, Theater Patron Dublin, CA
Kristin Demoro ,Writer/Photographer, Oakland. CA
Victoria Mortimer, Costume Designer, San Francisco CA
Cindy Goldfield ,Actor/Director/Producer/Educator ,San Francisco CA
Charlene Lundgren Frischer ,Patron ,CA
Carson Beker ,Playwright, Storyteller ,San Francisco, CA
Amanda Rose Wallace ,Teaching Artist ,San Jose, CA
Juliana Lustenader Actress, San Francisco, CA
Tracy Whitaker, Educator, Santa Rosa CA
Sang S. Kim ,Writer and Patron, Oakland, CA
Patrick Russell ,Actor ,Oakland, CA
Becky Doyle ,Actor, Theater Patron ,Concord,CA
Kimberly Moore ,Actor ,New York, New York
Lindsay Bauer ,Director, Orange City Youth Theatre ,Orange City, IA
Jeremy Stoller ,Dramaturg ,Weehawken, NJ
Eva Breneman, Dialect coach and Director, Chicago IL
Alix Paige ,Actor ,New York, NY
Genevieve Simon ,Actor, Playwright, Teaching Artist ,New York, NY
Ellen Abram ,Producing Director, The Williams Project ,Seattle, WA
Laura Sturm ,Actor/Director Chicago, IL
Azure Osborne-Lee ,Playwright ,Brooklyn, NY
Cait Cassee ,Production Manager, Director, Freeland, WA
Bridget Kelso, Actor and Playwright ,New York, NY


24 thoughts on “Open Letter to Marin Theatre Company and to Our National Theater Community

  1. You have my support 100%. How Marin Theater Company has responded to concerns about the content of the play, how the play impacts the community of women, Black history, American history, survivors of sexual violence, and the intersectionality of all those identities, has been appalling. Thank you for doing the right thing and preserving the dignity of women of the past, present and future with this movement.

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  2. This letter is so eloquent, and is of deep concern to a white woman theatre artist who would like to promote the work of young black theatre artists and black stories in my predominantly white, rural community. The fear of exploiting black artists and appropriating their stories is more than a fear. It is a reality. I hope for more diversity within my community, and more conversation around this painful, sensitive topic.

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  3. I am not a woman of color, but I am a female theater artist and I strive to be an ally of marginalized people. I am very disturbed to read about this play being produced and staged with such a blatant disregard for actual history and for the multitude of people who voiced their concerns about this show before it went into production.

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  4. I am proud to live in a community that cares as much about artistic rigor as they do social justice. Thanks to all of you for pressing this conversation with thoughtfulness and conviction. As a fellow theatre maker, I welcome this same level of accountability and feedback – just as I stand with you in support.

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  5. Thomas Jefferson and his wife owned Sally Hemings as a child. She was raised under Jefferson’s ownership and he had sex with her after his wife died. This is a well known, undisputed fact. There is so much wrong with what Thomas Jefferson did and so many things that make his relationship with Hemings a non-consensual relationship (her age, the fact that he owned her, etc.). It is not a love affair and it is disgusting that anyone would try to glorify the relationship in this way. Framing it as consentual is dangerous, a slap in the face to the memory of Sally, supporting rape culture and pedophilia. In a day and age when misogyny and racism are becoming more overt, not to mention the fact that there is a major human trafficking/sex trade issue, this erroneous history is painful and dangerous to African Americans, women, and children – all populations who are most likely to suffer as a result of these things. As an actress, director, mother and mixed race individual, I’m very much shocked that a play about Jefferson and Sally Hemings would be produced in this day and age without portraying the true history of what happened. It is disgusting and irresponsible.

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  6. This is the worst of revisionist history. Sally Hemings was Jefferson’s property and unable to consent. Rescripting their ‘relationship’ as a love affair is outrageously insensitive and irresponsible.

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  7. I am in awe of the love, compassion, and integrity with which this letter was written, and the actions that you have taken to right this situation. Thank you for giving many communities of people a chance to stand in solidarity with you. Wishing you all the best today and all of us the courage to face our ugly history with honesty and not continue to glorify white supremacy, slavery, misogyny, and non-consensual sex. Culture matters. This artistic presentation was not created in a void, and thus, does not get to stand as art for arts sake when it is perpetuating harmful beliefs.


  8. Signing and sharing in solidarity. This script, this casting, this production, the marketing design, and the un-woke response by Marin Theater Company has all been absolutely negligent and irresponsible. I applaud and celebrate the brave work being done to shine a bright light on cowardice.


  9. This is horrific and shameful, MTC. You must make amends for the harm you have done and proceeded to make worse and worse in your responses to community advocacy and outcry. From one white person struggling to unlearn the pervasive toxic conditioning we have been steeped in to another – you need to listen to the pain, harm and suffering your actions have caused and take responsibility.


    • A lot of people want an update about the meeting with Marin Theatre Company. We’re still processing the many components and exchanges of the meeting and will be ready to speak publicly about it very soon. We appreciate MTC speaking with us as an initial step AND believe there is a lot more work that needs to be done and that we plan to continue to advocate for the issues and the action items that the letter addresses.The coalition’s letter addresses systemic failings around the production of works by, for, or about any marginalized group. These issues existed long before Thomas & Sally both at MTC and at theaters across the nation. Our concerns and objections are not singular to this production. Thank you for your support!

      If you have signed and don’t see your name yet it is because we have to load each name individually and that takes time but we have over 1400 of you supporting and we are working hard to reflect that on webpage as soon as possible.


  10. Signed. Would love to a play telling this story again, but this time written by African American/Black diasporic theater artists.


  11. […] In light of the recent national effort asking for accountability in white-led institutions, and the new statements of solidarity with Black Lives Matter from local and national theaters – we write with an update. Several folks have reached out to us, and asked us to give an update on the outcomes from Marin Theatre Company. (If you are interested, here is our first statement.) […]


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